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Politiquette – Washington, DC – Happy 1st Birthday!

IMG_5252My original vision for Politiquette was to style photos that were about the fashion without a person, so they could be about my readers.  While I love some of my initial posts and the images, especially this floating shoe, it became evident quickly that people want to see a person in clothing.

politiquette (23 of 109)The photo shoot when I became the subject, in addition to the clothing and locations, was a big wake-up call.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was changing my clothes in public restrooms, dragging a suitcase of items around the city and realized that creating art is not as glamorous as I had envisioned.  I love every minute of it, but don’t be fooled.

politiquette (42 of 109)-10The universe has a way of working things out when you work hard and put your vision into something.  I had heard about this amazing local designer named Ron David Edwards that I wanted to meet.  One day when I was scouting shooting locations, I walked into a warehouse across the street from Union Market, standing in front of me was Ron and his collection!  This location was opening the next day as a now the now familiar pop-up space known as Lab 1270.  Soulmates from the minute we met, this was my first blog partnership, so grateful!

DSC_0696-9And then I tried on a couture wedding dress, no big deal.  I never had thought I would wear a wedding dress on my blog, especially as someone who is single.  But when a good friend offered to introduce me to Sareh Nouri and told me I could write about her, the answer was 100% yes.  As much as I try to plan what the blog will feature and what content I will produce, most of my great posts happen on a whim.  It’s quite exciting and has allowed me to produce work that is even better than I could have imagined.
politiquette2.13 (12 of 18)-3
Drinking on the job is sometimes a good idea.  A few months into shooting, it was clear that posing did not come naturally to me.  As much as I tried to relax, the photos only became more forced and awkward.  The day I shot at Songbyrd was during a DC Soul Sessions brunch.  The gracious owner offered me a Mimosa and the dynamic of photos that resulted sure began to change – they were better. Let me be clear, my photo shoots are not booze fest, but I can say I don’t turn a drink down when I am on the job and my only job is to get dressed and pose.

politiquette4.5.2016 (22 of 46)-22In the spring of this year, Zadig & Voltaire partnered with Politiquette.  This was extremely exciting on many levels.  Not only am I devoted to the brand, I was able to see the influence and impact that Politiqutte was having in DC.  Many people showed up for the fantastic shopping event I hosted and it was an important reminder that I have many people who are looking to me to provide a quality product to them.

Politiquette4.16.16 (24 of 38)-6This photo sums up the synergy between my photographer and me and the reason that having a good team to work with, no matter how big or small, is important.  How nice it has been to go to work and know that I will be 100% supported by someone who I am equally cheering on.   Anna is one of the reasons, in her words, that I am “lucky to live in DC.”

politiquette5.28.16 (41 of 57)-1One of the most challenging things that happen when you put yourself out to the public everyday and charter a new course for yourself is to maintain confidence.  When I look at this picture I remember to keep going, because this magical photo is what bringing style and exposure to iconic Washington, DC is all about.

politiquette7.10.16 (34 of 101)-1

Politiquette has been labor of love.  I could not have done it without the many wonderful creators in DC who have supported me from the minute I met them.  How special and beautiful this has been.

PolitiquetteBucketFeet (11 of 23)-1Also, many thanks to my family, friends and YOU for supporting my creative endeavor.

politiquettedistrictdistillingco-34-of-59-1Looking ahead you can expect to see some great new additions and more of the same fashion and features.

Thank you for making this a very happy 1st birthday for Politiquette!



MM.LaFleur – Back to Congress on Capitol Hill – 09.08.2016

Politiquette8.27.16 (22 of 38)-1

Politiquette8.27.16 (19 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (21 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (23 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (25 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (14 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (12 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (10 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (7 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (6 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (2 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (37 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (32 of 38)-1Politiquette8.27.16 (38 of 38)-1 Politiquette8.27.16 (30 of 38)-1

Politiquette8.27.16* (12 of 12)-1 Politiquette8.27.16* (10 of 12)-1 Politiquette8.27.16* (8 of 12)-1 Politiquette8.27.16* (6 of 12)-1 Politiquette8.27.16* (4 of 12)-1 Politiquette8.27.16* (2 of 12)-1

After a long recess Congress is back in session and Washington, DC is back in business for at least a month.  What this means is gone are the days of office casual and time to get dressed in office chic attire.

One of the most versatile and easy ways to look great for the office is wearing flattering, solid color dresses.  These dresses can be accessorized in many ways and are stylish, yet understated.  Some of the my favorite go-to solid color dresses are designed by MM.LaFleur.  I was exposed to this brand at a Politico Women Rule event a few years ago and have admired the brand ever since.

MM.LaFleur is also one of my favorite brands for workwear and this is likely because the founder was in a conservative, professional environment similar to that of DC before founding the company.  Sarah LaFleur, was formerly in finance with a closet “packed with blah-feeling pantsuits, … she dreamed of a more inspired wardrobe for herself and all professional women.”

MM.LaFleur now has a cult following which includes many DC professionals, myself included, and as the brand gains notoriety, the collection continues to expand to include even more beautiful designs.

All dresses featured in this post are by MM.LaFleur.

Look 1  The Toi Dress

Look 2  The Annie Dress

Look 3 The Cherie Dress

Look 4 The Christine Dress

Politiquette Tip: A great fitting, solid colored dress can get a lot of traction in your closet.  You can make this dress feel unique and new every time you wear it by changing up your accessories.

*Thank you to MM.Lafleur for partnering on this post.

*All jewelry by secondDaughter (loaned).

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer on Capitol Hill.


Bucketfeet – MasPaz Mural at Bucketfeet Shaw – 09.02.2016

PolitiquetteBucketFeet (5 of 23)-1 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (7 of 23)-1-2 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (9 of 23)-1-2 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (11 of 23)-1 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (12 of 23)-1 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (19 of 23)-1 PolitiquetteBucketFeet (23 of 23)-1Shoes by Bucketfeet (c/0) Ring by secondDaughter (loaned) Dress by J. Crew Purse by Clare V Choker by Zara

Gone are the days when white can’t be worn after Labor Day and this is one way I plan to wear white.  Wearing a crisp cotton white dress will be perfect for the temperatures this weekend and beyond, but adding fall trends and textures moving forward will be key to staying seasonally appropriate.  Leopard prints, chokers and skate style shoes are all on-trend for fall and allow this dress to stay fashionably relevant.   A white cotton dress will eventually phase out,  but I won’t stop wearing white.  What also won’t phase out are my amazing and comfortable Bucketfeet shoes from their studio in Shaw.

Politiquette Tip: White can be worn after Labor Day.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Bucketfeet Studio in Shaw and in front of the MasPaz mural for Bucketfeet.

*Thank you to Bucketfeet for partnering on this post.

Shop my look:


Check out my FamousDC interview with Bucketfeet co-founder Raaja Nemani here:

Fashionably Famous: Bucketfeet Co-founder Raaja Nemani


Lisa Marie Fernandez – Union Station – 09.01.2016

Politiquette6.24.16 (58 of 107)-1 Politiquette6.24.16 (61 of 107)-1 Politiquette6.24.16 (63 of 107)-1 Politiquette6.24.16 (65 of 107)-1 Politiquette6.24.16 (68 of 107)-1 Politiquette6.24.16 (72 of 107)-1Dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez Bag by Cuyana Shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh Bracelet by Miansai

The final days of summer mean the last days of wearing materials like seersucker, well at least in DC.  I know the weather will still be warm throughout September, but there are certain material and looks you should retire after Labor Day; seersucker, linen and really anything fabric that makes you think island getaway should be put in storage for the year.  The good news is that the rules of fashion have changed dramatically and you can wear most things year round now, including white.  I will show you in my upcoming post how I plan to wear white throughout September.

Politiquette Tip: Labor Day does mean retiring too many things, but seersucker, linen and island prints need to be put in storage.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer in front of The Columbus Fountain at Union Station.

My look:


Other Lisa Marie Fernandez and seersucker looks I like: