H&M – A Decorated Fire Alarm in NW – 10.14.2015

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by H&M

H&M produces trendy clothing and basics for a very reasonable price point, allowing people to have access to stylish things on most any budget.  I really appreciate this aspect of H&M.

H&M is also showing great corporate responsibility leadership regarding sustainability issuesThey have introduced a sustainable line of clothing called the conscious collection and are making an effort to prevent waste through their ongoing clothing recycling program.  I am very concerned about the mass production of clothing because I worry about landfills and the environment, but as a concerned consumer I am very impressed by the initiatives being taken by this company.


Everyone needs basics in their closet.  Having basics is the best way to get the most leverage out of your wardrobe.  Basic pieces can be accessorized in multiple ways and integrated into many outfits to create new looks.  Basics are often neutral in color, but don’t have to be.

I love a good basic t-shirt because you can wear it in so many ways.  This tight gray tee from H&M would look great with jeans, under a suit, with the skirt I featured last week, and with many other dressy skirts or embellished pants.  Everyone should own a few great t-shirts that can be dressed up or down.

I don’t like to spend too much money on t-shirts because I end up replacing them often.  There are a few t-shirts worth the splurge.  Most recently I discovered Kit and Ace t-shirts. They are made with cashmere and feel amazing.  However, I end up sleeping in the one I purchased from them because the fabric is so soft!  Lucky for DC we are getting two brick and mortar Kit and Ace locations soon.  One of them is down the street from where these photos were taken.


A basic tee can be worn many places based on how you style it.  I mentioned above that I replace t-shirts often and I do this because the quality of the shirt dictates where you can and should wear it.  T-shirts often pill or stretch which makes them look old and messy.  You should take note of  of these details when you want to throw on a tee with your party skirt and make sure it looks fresh to make sure it is appropriate for a cocktail party or formal event.  Even at work you should be aware of these details.  While t-shirts have really expanded their role in fashion, it is important that they are maintained to put forth your best look.  When have gotten your full mileage out of a t-shirt, you can recycle or repurpose it.

Photo Information: Photos taken by Jessica Mitrovich.  These photos were taken very close to The Shay where the new Kit and Ace store, among others will be opening soon.


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