ZARA – Dunn Lewis MC – 11.30.2015

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Waistcoat by Zara; Dress by J. Crew; Bracelet by Hermes; Shoes by Kate Spade; Scarf worn on wrist by Dunn Lewis MC

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I’m a big fan of the waistcoat.  I featured a very different style one by Alix of Bohemia back in September, but when I think of a waistcoat I really do think about a piece that is as classic and versatile as this Zara coat I am featuring today.

The time has arrived, the real festive holiday season is here!  A great way to dress up (or down) your look is by adding a waistcoat to an outfit as I did today.  I actually think wearing a coat like this one with the sparkly dress I have on under it, makes the outfit much more chic and cool and dresses it down in a good way.  With many holiday parties beginning this week, solid day to night workwear options are key.  This outfit transitions perfectly from the office to whatever after work corporate/political/professional festive event you may be attending.

One of the reasons I love a waistcoat, besides the look, is because my body temperature changes so much as I get older and the sleeveless option works very well when my hormones aren’t in my corner.  It keeps me warm when the room is too cold and I can breathe and not have to run to the nearest window or icebox when I start to get hot.


Coats aren’t only for wearing outside and a layered look can be so put together.  It shows thoughtfulness when you have multiple elements of an outfit, albeit when you do this tastefully.  I’m not referring to someone like Katie Perry who’s outfit elements constantly seem to be inspired by a My Little Pony.

As you have now gathered, a waistcoat can be worn in multiple settings.  I purchased this coat right before Halloween and have worn it so many times already.  I wore it to a friend’s promotion celebration on Capitol Hill recently with this exact outfit.  I have also worn it with black coated jeans, a black lace long sleeve top and black sexy boots.  I would wear it over a cozy sweater and jeans with hip white sneakers for a more casual day look.  This piece is so adaptable for any outfit and can be worn to so many places.

Photo Information and Dunn Lewis MC:  taken by Anna Meyer at Dunn Lewis MC a new store based in Lab 1270 at Union Market.

Dunn Lewis MC is a VERY COOL and impeccably curated motorcycle shop that just opened at Lab 1270 at Union Market.  I stumbled upon this store when I was out shooting and the owners were some of the coolest people I have encountered in DC.  Their concept is unique to dc, featuring fancy bikes, bike parts, and cool men’s fashion.  They will also store your bike for you, which is kind of huge in DC to have a storage option for anything, let alone your treasured motorcycle.  So while the clothing in this store is outwardly for men, I would suggest ladies can absolutely be a part of what is going on here.   I would wear many of the items Dunn Lewis MC sells and in this shoot created a way to incorporate a couple of them with the scarf on my wrist as a bracelet cuff and I wore a lapel pin.

Male and female friends and readers you need to follow the Dunn Lewis insta feed and go check out the shop.  They even host social events at the store and you don’t have to be a bike owner to attend.  You may find one there to purchase or you can totally be a poser, it’s welcome.

Thank you to Dunn Lewis MC for being gracious and letting me shoot in your space and wear a few of your cool products!

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