Christopher Kane – Miracle on 7th Street – 12.16.2015

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Skirt by Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is a Scottish fashion designer based in London.  His brand is part of Kering, the French luxury goods holding company.  Also part of Kering are designers like Alexander McQueen and Gucci.  His namesake label was established in 2006 with his sister, a textile specialist.  His designs are bold, intricate, stylish and fun.  Every season I am more amazed by the gems that Christopher Kane produces.

Earrings by Vintage Lately (local vintage collection)

Faux Fur Coat by H&M

Black Camisole by A.L.C.

Other metallic skirts I like:


As I mentioned in this previous post, I was able to score this Christopher Kane metallic skirt on Black Friday.  I love how sparkly it is and I love the pleats, very on trend for fall/winter 2015.  We have a couple more weeks to be festive in our outfit choices, the holidays are a limited window of time where sparkles are considered a neutral color.  I suggest embracing this period of time by integrating festive attire like this skirt into your own daily style.


This skirt is appropriate to wear to work with a blazer during the next couple of weeks, for holiday parties, NYE and of course to Miracle on Seventh Street.


DC drink expert Derek Brown and his team, including bar manager and Christmas lover Adriana Salame-Aspiazu (featured in photo above with me wearing dope, blinged out “Ho-Ho-Ho” chains), opened Miracle on Seventh Street, the brother concept to NYC’s Miracle on Ninth Street.  This pop-up is in partnership with Cocktail Kingdom and NYC barman Nico de Soto.  Miracle on Seventh Street, opened on December 1st and will run through December 24th. Decked with Christmas decor, Brown and his team have swapped the usual Mockingbird Hill bar menu for a completely revamped Christmas-themed drink list and Christmas and Hannukah decor.


-Arrive early.  The two lucky individuals I featured in my last photo were the first in line for Miracle on Seventh Street last Friday night.  The gentleman told me that he arrived at 4:15 PM, only 45 minutes prior to opening.  That isn’t really much of a wait to be the first into the bar.  I think the later you arrive, the longer you wait for this amped up holiday experience.  I recommend bringing coffee, friends and/or having a fully charged phone to keep you company in line.  Also, it may actually be winter-ish weather soon, so wear warm outwear.  However, the space is small in the bar so you don’t want to have a lot of extra stuff to carry or store.

-Consider dressing festive, I think it makes the experience that much more fun.  Everyone who works there is dressed festive and you can be too.  It’s a very welcoming and friendly environment.

-Be prepared to enjoy holiday cheer.

-Start with “nog shots” and treat them as a sipper.  They are delicious.

– Next enjoy a nice, light sparkling drink “Gretchen, Stop trying to make Fetch Happen.”  Key ingredients are sherry, cranberry, SPARKLING WINE, rosemary and a few others.   Obviously this one is for all of my girls who wear pink on Wednesdays.

-Order another one of the 11 festive cocktails on the menu.

-Order another one of the 11 festive cocktails on the menu. I meant to write this tip twice.

-Maybe it’s time for a snack, they have a really good toasted turkey, cranberry sandwich on the food menu.

-Be nice to other people inside the bar (and while waiting in line).  This isn’t a place for an attitude.  Someone tried to get territorial over my bar stool as I was giving it to another woman who had been waiting a while to sit.  It was gross.  Don’t do it.  Reel in your angst, 2016 is almost here and you should already be letting go of and leaving the lows of 2015 in the past.  Also, this is DC.  You know you probably have like 40 mutual friends in common with that “stranger” on FB.

-Finish with a “Francisco, That’s Fun to Say.”  Mezcal, chocolate “milk” (coconut, bananas, spice), green chartreuse marshmallows.  This drink will make you smile; “smiling’s my favorite.”

-You can take home the festive glasses that all have Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and others from the gang etched on them. This can be for your own further merriment or to give as gifts.  $10 to pay for a glass seems like nothing after you have enjoyed a few of the festive cocktails on the menu.

-Tip well.  The staff is awesome and as much as you might think they are naturally excited to be jolly 100% of their shift for your own entertainment, they are doing it to make your personal experience  amazing.  I have to say I was most impressed by the staff at this pop-up.  They were gracious, kind and fun.  Thank you!

-December 24th, Christmas Eve, is the last night to enjoy the festivities!

Thank you to Mockingbird Hill and MoKi Media for allowing Politiquette to photograph at and blog about this very, merry location!

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