Current Elliott – Malmaison – 12.11.2015

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Jeans by Current Elliott

“Since its launch in July of 2008, CURRENT/ELLIOTT continues to evolve denim’s place within the fashion realm. Created out of love for vintage denim and its americana roots, the collection pays tribute to denim’s history as well as its timelessness. From the range of washes to iconic fits and silhouettes, each style is an homage to a pillar moment in denim’s american timeline.”

Jacket by Iro; Earrings by Lizzie Fortunato; Belt by Isabel Marant (similar here and here); Shoes by Kate Spade

The same Current Elliott jeans and other jeans I like:



A few years ago coated denim hit the scene in a big way for winter.  I immediately became obsessed with it because it was a way to look like you had on leather pants for a fraction of the price.

I tend to live in jeans when I’m not out at events, and even then, if I can wear denim I usually opt for it.  I have a couple of pairs of coated jeans and they are so fun and immediately dress up any outfit.  Black is my favorite, although I have seen them done well in other colors.  When I bought my first pair of these jeans I wasn’t sure if they were a one season trend or not, but three years later there are more styles available than ever and I would consider a coated jean is a classic staple for any wardrobe.  If you don’t own a pair you may want to add them to your closet.


Coated jeans are great to wear for holiday or New Year’s Eve parties or to feel a little sassier during everyday errands.  I don’t recommend them for work in DC, unless you work in a creative space.

I am I going to be frank and tell you that all coated jeans scrunch and it doesn’t really matter how skinny you are.  I had to get over thinking I needed to be a Victoria’s Secret model to wear these jeans and realize that this is an inevitable quality of these jeans.  We intentionally shot the back of these pants so readers would know what to expect when wearing these jeans.  If you don’t like that look or will feel self-conscious when wearing them, then these jeans aren’t for you.

A few tips on caring for these waxy, coated jeans:

– Many of the tags on these pants say you need to dry clean them.  You don’t have to follow these instructions.  If you do dry clean them, environmentally friendly cleaning is best because the process does not use high heat.

-Hand washing them inside out is a good option.

-Airing them out and using febreeze can give them life prior to resorting to other methods.

-I have never done this  myself, but I have been told you can put them in the freezer and it kills bacteria.  You can search that method online and learn more about it.

-Avoid washing these jeans, or any jeans, as much as you can.  Washing jeans alters the dyes, fit and quality of the item.  I know it may sound gross, but a few wears before washing isn’t a bad thing.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Malmaison in Georgetown.  Malmaison is a beautiful, quaint coffeehouse and brunch space, that takes on a second persona as an event space.  On Wednesday I featured the charming coffeehouse space and today I am featuring the edgier bar/events area.  Malmaison is a hidden gem next to the canals in Georgetown and certainly worth making the trip to visit.  Thank you for Malmaison for allowing me to take photos at your beautiful location and for the coffee refills, as my life is fueled by coffee these days!

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