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Jacket by Moncler

Moncler was founded in 1952 and re-launched in 2003.  The origins of the brand are French, but their products are now produced in Italy.  Moncler is a luxury brand specializing in the everyday needs of people, specifically outerwear, and calling upon some of the most experienced mountaineering experts to develop their technology.  Developing their products with the advice of scientific experts is why Moncler products are some of the warmest garments around.  Additionally, Moncler takes fashion seriously and designs some of the most flattering, innovative, and beautiful coats.  Moncler has taken the puffy coat, a very boring and usually unflattering item, and made it fashionable and desirable to wear.

Worn with: Sweater by DeNadaBoots by SorelJeans by Current Elliott


DC weather hasn’t required me to wear this coat too many times yet this winter, but it seems like the weather is changing and I will be pulling this coat out of my closet more frequently in the near future.

I spent a lot of time debating if I should buy this coat a couple of years ago.  I knew that I was freezing all of the time and that other coats weren’t cutting it.  I also wanted to look professional and have a coat that was flattering, which is a little challenging to acquire when you are wearing a puffy item of clothing.  After searching endlessly for the perfect coat, I kept coming back to this one by Moncler.  By some miracle I got this coat on sale from Neiman Marcus.  Moncler doesn’t often go on sale, but I aim to buy most things on sale and stalked this coat until it did.  I could have settled on a few others coats and saved money, but ultimately I wouldn’t have been satisfied.  I used to think splurging on a puffy coat was insane, but after owning this one I can say it has been worth it.  I have worn this coat so many times and I think the cost-per-wear is finally working itself out.

There are definitely other brands of coats that will keep you warm and that can be just as flattering, but I always include Moncler as one of my top recommendations.

Moncler coats I like:

Some other brands I like include: Arcteryx (City Center DC); NorthFace (Georgetown); J.Crew (Georgetown); Uniqlo ; SAM; Burberry (City Center); Marmot.  I traditionally recommend brands that spend time researching the technology of the coat, to make sure you are actually getting a coat that will keep you warm and not just something that only looks stylish.  Mostly REI will carry a brand that has the best technology.  That said, they may not pickup the most stylish pieces.



Wearing a puffy coat has become very on trend, so you should spend time finding the most flattering version for you.  Puffy coats now have oversized collars, angled closures, belts and cinches, and details like leather or fur trim that can make them much more dressy for work and evening events.  These details also make these coats more flattering and appealing to wear.

Here are some of my tips for finding and styling the perfect puffy coat:

-Darts and cinching can allow for you to have a figure when wearing a puffy coat.  Look for styles that have shape and aren’t overbearing.

-Add a belt for shape, this is a simple and cost-effective trick for looking a little more stylish and having the coat look more flattering.

-Choose a neutral, dark color and avoid super shiny fabric if this is the coat you plan to wear everyday.  I’m all about being adventurous with fashion, but for most settings, you will want to be understated.

-Dark colors are also the best colors because they hide spills and dirt.  If you are a city dweller who relies on public transportation, including on-demand ride services, you may get dirty.  A darker color hides this dirt well.

-Photograph yourself in the coat.  You can have the sales person take pictures or selfie at home upon delivery.  You can instantly tell if you look like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters this way.  That look should not be your goal.

-Avoid labels.  Unless you are Chief Keef, you don’t need people to know you have “spent 4 bands on a coat.”  Labels are detractors and unnecessary for the most part.  I hate a label, I prefer my own individuality taking precedent to a brand, no matter how much respect I have for a designer.


Spending Christmas in Santa Fe with my family is one of my most treasured traditions.  As I mentioned in my last post, visiting the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and getting tamales, cheese danishes, and Whoo’s blue corn lavender donut is a highlight of the time that I spend in Santa Fe.  One of my other favorite places to visit is Canyon Road.  Santa Fe is known for their art and artistic influence.  Canyon Road is the most renowned location to find art.  There are over a hundred galleries on or surrounding Canyon Road featuring local, national and international artists.  Native American and Latino art has a prominent role in the galleries along the road, but you can also find regional, folk and contemporary art there as well.

My photos today are taken on or along Canyon Road.  Two of the galleries featured include: The Meyer Gallery and Dave McGary’s life-size Native American sculpture and The Pippin Gallery and Greg Reiche’s “Inner Sanctum.”

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