Marc Jacobs – The Riggsby – 1.25.2016

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Dress by Marc Jacobs

This Marc Jacobs dress is from his Fall 2015 collection.  Marc Jacobs has been designing clothing since the 1980s through his own namesake lines and for other fashion houses, most notably Louis Vuitton from 1997-2014.  One quality I love about Marc Jacobs is that he doesn’t produce too many pieces with his collections so his designs are more unique when being worn.  Marc Jacobs is known for his thoughtful details and his appreciation of contemporary art is also reflected in his designs, this piece included.  If you look closely the pastel highlights have been painted onto the silk.

Here is the same Marc Jacobs dress I am wearing and other floral dresses I like:


I rarely pick floral items for my wardrobe and I don’t think I am alone, I’m certain that many women in DC avoid florals.  I thought about why this is and I think many times it comes down to florals being too busy, matronly, girlish, uninspired, unflattering, or unprofessional.  At least those are the reasons why I avoid florals.  So when I found this dress, which I was completely taken with, I spent some time disecting why I actually like this floral dress or the others that I featured today.  Here are some things I think set this piece apart, besides the designer of the dress being pretty genius, and tips I would keep in mind if you are inclined try a floral pattern and want to stay professional in your look.

-The style/cut of the dress is sophisticated.

-The colors have great contrast, the deep forest green offsets the pastels.

-The print isn’t too busy, it doesn’t make me feel nauseous to look at.

-The quality of the fabric is well structured.  Flimsy rayon is a non-starter when it comes to florals.  A structured cotton or silk makes a huge difference.

Some designers that do florals well in my book are: Asos; H&M; Kate Spade; Marni; Marc Jacobs; Milly


This style of dress is classic and classy.  It’s sophisticated for the office, perfect for a cocktail party, or great for daytime shower event.  If you follow the tips I mentioned above, a good floral dress should be able to be worn in all of these settings.

Photo Information:

Photos taken by Anna Meyer.

The Riggsby restaurant and bar opened in July of 2015 and is housed in the Kimpton Carlyle Hotel located in Dupont Circle.  The Riggsby was designed by Brian Miller of Edit Lab at Streetsense, and is inspired by the supper club atmosphere and whimsical decor of American restaurants in the mid-20th century. An open pass to the kitchen gives diners a peek behind the scenes and the lounge area features custom wallpaper based on a painting by Michael Schlow’s wife, mixed-media artist, Adrienne Schlow.

The decor and experience of being a guest at the Riggsby is quite whimsical and fun.  This is a great venue for drinks with a date or a dinner party.  It’s certainly a venue you can dress for and wear something similar to what I am wearing in these photos.  It’s also somewhere you can show up in jeans and a cozy sweater and feel right at home.

Thank you to the Riggsby for your hospitality and allowing me to use your beautiful restaurant as a backdrop for this post.

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