Politiquette Tip, A Quick Fix for Shoes – 02.29.2016

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Did you know that when you scuff your shoes and you don’t have time to go to the shoe repair to get them repainted, you can DIY?!  One of my favorite tricks is to paint my shoes with a matching nail polish, or combination of nail polishes, to keep them going when I’m on the go.

I have stopped into one of my favorite downtown DC salons, Celadon, many times when I have been in a bind and needed a nail polish fix.  Celadon sells the Deoborah Lippman nail polish that I mixed to paint my metallic shoes.  In these photos I was actually preparing my shoes for a Politiquette photo shoot.  Any brand of nail polish will work and this is one of my favorite ways to solve a minor, but important, situation that working women face everyday.

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Celadon Spa.

If you like these shoes, I have picked out some similar pairs that are available now for purchase:





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