A Professional Blowout Saves Time and $ – Celadon Spa – 03.24.2016

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Today I am going to provide an invaluable tip for all of the busy ladies in DC – a professional salon blowout will save you time and money! I was fortunate enough to have an amazing boss when I began my career that taught me this tip and I want to make sure I pay it forward.  My favorite place for a blowout in DC is Celadon Spa conveniently located downtown.

Here is why a professional blowout saves you time and $:

  • During a blowout you can multi-task. Keep your laptop and phone with you at all times during the blowout and you will instantly have a remote office courtesy of Celadon Spa. You can also do this when getting hair colored, but definitely not when getting a haircut. *Note: Celadon Spa has speedy guest WiFi!
  • A good blowout will last for several days. Actually a few days into a good blowout your hair will likely have even more body and look even better. Additionally with products like dry shampoo available there are few reasons you need to touch your hair sooner than a couple of days after the blowout. Think how much time this will save you getting ready in the mornings and at night before events.  Your time is of great value!

Note: I use the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo product that is sold at Celadon Spa. You can see Jeremy Paul spraying it into my hair during my blowout.

  • In the words of Deion Sanders, a very successful man who doesn’t have any hair, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” A great blowout will make you feel good and perform better at the many tasks you have in front of you because of your confidence. This makes a salon blowout a great investment because the benefits are far greater than the cost.

Celadon Spa has been my spot for over a decade in DC. I frequent this location for many spa services. In addition to being conveniently located, the entire team of spa professionals there are some of the most talented I have ever come across and also the kindest. I used to be promiscuous when it came to my salon habits in DC, but I kept coming back to Celadon Spa and now this is my one stop spot. I highly recommend you try out Celadon Spa!

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna MeyerBlowout by Celadon Spa stylist Jeremy Paul.

Thank you to Celadon Spa for partnering with Politiquette on this post.

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