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April 2016


Self Portrait – Dacha Beer Garden – 04.26.2016

Politiquette4.16.16 (8 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (9 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (12 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (15 of 38)-1Top by Self Portrait | Skirt by J Crew | Shoes by Kate Spade | Earrings by Gorjana | Sunglasses by Celine

One of the reining styles of spring/summer is lace.  The styles are feminine, beautiful and practical.  That’s right, practical and these lace styles go way beyond the bedroom.  You can also look professional and sophisticated wearing lace.

The look I am wearing would be pushing the limits for the office, but with a camisole underneath you could certainly wear this look for a work related event.  I have also picked some of my favorite lace looks for the office below.

Shop my exact look:


Shop work approps lace:

Check out more spring/summer styles featured in my Fashionably Famous column for FamousDC here.

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna MeyerPhotos taken at Dacha Beer Garden in Shaw.  Mural of Elizabeth Taylor by by Byron Peck and Ivo Koytchev, more details from BadWolf DC here.




Designers Remix – Blue Door in Shaw – 04.20.2016

Politiquette4.16.16 (24 of 38)-6Politiquette4.16.16 (19 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (21 of 38)-3 Politiquette4.16.16 (22 of 38)-4 Politiquette4.16.16 (25 of 38)-7 Politiquette4.16.16 (26 of 38)-8 Politiquette4.16.16 (27 of 38)-9 Politiquette4.16.16 (29 of 38)-11Top by Designers Remix | Skirt by Tibi (old) | Purse by BOSS | Shoes by See by Chloe | Earrings by Jennifer Fisher

A little bit of detail can go a long way in distinguishing an outfit and the ruffle details this spring are really bringing it home!

Here are some of my favorite ruffles right now:

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer.


Tibi – Shaw Public Library – 04.18.2016

PolitiquetteGilt4.16.16 (4 of 13) Shaw PolitiquetteGilt4.16.16 (6 of 13) PolitiquetteGilt4.16.16 (9 of 13) PolitiquetteGilt4.16.16 (12 of 13) Top by Tibi | Skirt by J.Crew (old) | Purse by BOSS (c/o) | Shoes by Joie (old) | Cuff by Hermes | Sunglasses by Celine | Lipstick by MAC

I try to set aside a few minutes a week to challenge myself to think of new outfits using pieces I already have in my closet.  I am weirdly a creature of habit and put many outfits on repeat.  While this may come as a surprise to you, given that I love fashion and style, I find myself so busy I rarely have time to think of what to wear until the last minute.  I know I am not alone in this predicament so here is a tip I figured out in recent years, one of the easiest ways to come up with new outfits is to purchase solid colored pieces so you can mix and match clothing more easily and innovatively.   This is definitely a way to save time, dollars and create fresh looks for the instafamous lives we all lead these days.

Create the same look with these pieces:

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer.  Photos taken at the DC Shaw Public Library in front of the Vivace Sculpture by Craig Kraft


Banana Republic – La Colombe – 04.15.2016

politiquette3.12.16 (3 of 64)-1politiquette3.12.16 (2 of 64)-1 politiquette3.12.16 (6 of 64)-1-2politiquette3.12.16 (1 of 64)-1Jacket by Banana Republic (old) | Rings by Maison Margiella | Belt by J.Crew | Jeans by J Brand | Shoes by Kate Spade | Bag by Celine

Springtime is all about flowers and I think it is the best time to embrace a floral print.  I have mentioned before that you should be cautious when picking a print.  You definitely don’t want to pick something too busy or for the print to overwhelm you and most importantly your audience.

I’m personally always drawn to the brightest, busiest print I see, but I make myself find something that didn’t catch my eye immediately.  This is how I know I will be able to carry off the print and the print won’t carry me!

Some floral jackets I am loving for spring:


Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer.


Politiquette Style Preview – Zadig & Voltaire – 04.14.2016

Zadig&VoltaireEvent (1 of 26)-48Zadig&VoltaireEvent (4 of 26)-13 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (3 of 26)-51 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (5 of 26)-11 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (7 of 26)-10 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (8 of 26)-12Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (30 of 30)-1 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (9 of 26)-14 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (11 of 26)-16 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (12 of 26)-15 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (15 of 26)-27 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (16 of 26)-28 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (17 of 26)-29 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (18 of 26)-32 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (19 of 26)-33 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (20 of 26)-38 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (21 of 26)-39 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (22 of 26)-40 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (23 of 26)-42 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (24 of 26)-45 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (25 of 26)-46 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (2 of 30)-9 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (3 of 30)-19 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (6 of 30)-22 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (9 of 30)-26 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (10 of 30)-30 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (11 of 30)-31 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (14 of 30)-36 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (15 of 30)-37 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (18 of 30)-44 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (19 of 30)-47 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (20 of 30)-49 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (23 of 30)-54 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (26 of 26)-56

On Monday night I hosted a spring style preview at Zadig & Voltaire located in CityCenterDC.  The event was a great success and everyone who attended had a fantastic time.

It was pretty magical to have a brand that I have been a loyal fan of for some time now, ever since I saw Kate Bosworth crushing it in Zadig & Voltaire biker boots, ask me to collaborate with them and share their Spring Summer Collection for 2016 with the women and men of DC.  I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic shoppers who turned out on a Monday night and I am still glowing from the excitement people felt about discovering a new-to-them brand.

Some other things I loved about this event include that the age of guests spanned from millennial to baby boomer (my parents showed up!), that there are SO many amazing items in this collection only a few people walked out with the same thing and that the event provided an opportunity for many to meet new people!

If for some reason you missed the event definitely stop by the Zadig & Voltaire store.  The sales team there is lovely and they are also running their 25% off Friends and Family discount right now.

Thank you again to Zadig & Voltaire and the many people who showed up and supported this event!