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Sacai – Washington Monument – 05.31.2016

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skirt by Sacai | shirt by Frame Denim | shoes by Tory Burch | clutch by Clare V. | sunglasses by Steven Alan

It’s officially summer in DC and I can’t think of a better way to embrace the season than by wearing all white and spending time at the Washington Monument!

I love the look of all white with a pop of color, especially in a town that wears a lot of all black.  I have worn this look for many meetings and events in the short time I have owned the skirt and have received very positive reception.  It’s an easy look to replicate and since we have waited a long time for summer and sunshine, I think it is only appropriate to pay homage by wearing a lot of white.

The skirt I am wearing in this post is designed by the Japanese label Sacai.  Chastise Abe is the founder and creative director behind this amazing brand founded in 1998.  I have been obsessed with all things Sacai for the past couple of fashion seasons, and would have been prior if I had discovered the label sooner.  Sacai is innovative and feminine without trying too hard.  While a bit of a splurge, I did get this skirt on sale and so can you here.

Exact outfit here:

Other white Sacai pieces I love:

Similar skirts at lower price points:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


Jennifer Fisher – Blagden Alley – 05.24.2016

politiquette3.12.16 (9 of 64)-1-2politiquetteII3.12.16 (3 of 7)-1ear crawlers by Jennifer Fisher | top by Alexis | suit by Hugo Boss | shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Recently people have been inquiring with me about who designs many of the earrings I wear. I have simple taste when it comes to earrings and don’t mix it up too much, but I do try to find dainty pieces with a little edge.  Often I  wear ear crawlers (the long earrings that crawl up your earlobes like the Jennifer Fisher ones I have on in these photos).  She is one of my favorite jewelry designers to emerge in recent years and her fresh and simple designs epitomize what I look for.

I also regularly wear earrings by Gorjana, Eddie Borgo, Loft, Target, and Elizabeth Cole.

Here are some of my favorite styles:



  1. Gorjana
  2. Target
  3. Gorjana
  4. Eddie Borgo
  5. Elizabeth Cole
  6. French Connection
  7. Gorjana
  8. Jennifer Fisher

Even more favorites here:


Clover Canyon – Blue Bugle B&B – 05.18.2015

Politiquette4.16.16 (31 of 38)-2 Politiquette4.16.16 (32 of 38)-3 Politiquette4.16.16 (34 of 38)-5 Politiquette4.16.16 (38 of 38)-9 Dress by Clover Canyon | Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

The dress I am wearing in is designed by Clover Canyon, a venture that began in 2011 with Rozae Nichols as their creative director.  From the instant I saw this line I was lusting after the fun, thematic prints.  Every season this designer incorporates culture, art and a lot of color.  The designs are primarily made of a stretchy neoprene fabric (think wetsuits), which allows for the prints to be extremely detailed and colorful.  The fabric that is used also keeps a gals figure in place, no need for Spanx.  Clover Canyon is very reasonably priced and a great way to add some fun to your work wardrobe.  I have worn this dress many times for work with a blazer and it gets a lot of traction.  I picked some other work appropriate pieces by Clover Canyon below that I like.  You could of course wear this dress or something similar for parties, brunch and with flat sandals during the day.

Clover Canyon picks:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.  

The house in the background of my photos is located in Shaw and is hard to miss due to the interesting mural on the side of the house.  What I have also learned is that it has great notoriety as top place to stay on Airbnb, named the “Blue Bugle B&B.”  I may be moving down the street soon for a night.




My Salon Rituals: Getting Ready for a Special Occasion – Celadon Spa – 05.13.2016

Politiquette4.30.16 (2 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (5 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (12 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (14 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (16 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (18 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (20 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (21 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.30.16 (24 of 38)-1Politiquette4.30.16 (26 of 38)-1Politiquette4.30.16 (30 of 38)-1

Every woman wants to feel and look her best for a special occasion. I recently attended many of festivities surrounding the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) Dinner and those were events that I wanted to attend looking and feeling my best.

I love having the opportunity to get dressed up and I know that going to a salon and letting talented professionals help me get my “glam” on is the best way to make the most of my look.

With my busy personal schedule and Saturdays being very busy days at salons, I planned my appointment for services at Celadon Spa well over a month in advance of the Saturday of my events. I decided to have my hair styled and my makeup applied professionally. Relying on someone who pretties people for a living is a great way to relieve a lot of stress on a special day.

Prior to the date of the actual service, I scheduled a consultation appointment at Celadon Spa. I was able to show the hair stylist and makeup artist my dress, accessories and photos of looks I liked and hoped to replicate. This was a great way to ensure my appointment on the day of the WHCA Dinner was a success.

I recommend a consultation in advance of very important events, especially a wedding. You want to know exactly what to expect when it comes to your appearance. The worst thing to happen is you don’t like how you look and you will not feel good or enjoy your special experience as you should.

On the day of the WHCA Dinner, I arrived at 1pm after getting two hours of sleep. I looked pretty rough, but thankfully there was an amazing glam team on site to work some magic. You can see my major transformation in the featured photos; I needed a lot of help that day to look presentable!

After a lot of love from Celadon Spa I ended up very happy and ready embrace my WHCA experience. I had an amazing evening and felt my best because I looked my best.

If you have a special occasion on the horizon I recommend visiting Celadon Spa.

Here are my getting ready for a special event tips broken down:

  • You know the date for a special event, call the salon immediately and make sure you can get on their schedule for services. You don’t want to risk your Style Guru’s schedule being booked.
  • Make a consultation appointment in advance of the special day. The salon will provide guidance as to how this works. This is definitely worth the investment.
  • Facials should be monthly for at least 6 months leading up to a special event. I have seen most of the estheticians at Celadon Spa for facials and every one of them has done amazing work for me. They are all educated to know the ins-and-outs of skincare for all skin types. I also love that they only use organic products for their services!  Timing for facials in advance of a special event is individual. I have sensitive skin and normally need to allow my skin to adjust for a few days after a facial. However, many celebrities have been known to have facials and microdermabrasion treatments the day of the Oscars so they are guaranteed to glow under their makeup!
  • Waxing services. I get my eyebrows waxed and shaped every 4 weeks at Celadon Spa. Similar to facials the timing of waxing services is unique to your own skin. I don’t get too red after waxing and have even attended an event at The White House with the President and First Lady where my photo was being taken immediately after this service!


  • Stay hydrated, get good exercise and sleep, and eat healthy the week leading up to a special event. All of these factors will play a role in how you look and how you feel on this occasion. Clearly I didn’t follow my own rules the night before the WHCA Dinner…
  • Try on clothes, make sure you have every accessory ready and keep everything you plan to wear in a safe, clean place until you need them. You don’t want to accidentally realize you need Spanx for your outfit or that your dog chewed a hole in your dress. I have had both of these things happen and the meltdown was real.
  • Be Zen! Before any big event I spend 5 minutes breathing deeply and setting my intention for the night. I want to make sure my head is clear so I can be fully present for every person and experience I encounter.

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna MeyerMakeup and Hair by Celadon Spa.

Thank you to Celadon Spa for partnering with Politiquette on this post.

Photos from years past, all hair and makeup done by Celadon Spa.

Elle Editor-in-chief Robbie Myers, Marissa Mitrovich. Photo by Tony Powell. WHC Pre Parties. Hilton Hotel. April 27, 2013

Elle Editor-in-chief Robbie Myers, Marissa Mitrovich. Photo by Tony Powell. WHC Pre Parties. Hilton Hotel. April 27, 2013




Christopher Kane – Kennedy Recreation Center – 05.06.2016

Politiquette4.16.16 (3 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (4 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (6 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (7 of 38)-1Politiquette4.16.16(2) (2 of 2)-1Skirt by Christopher Kane Sweater by Equipment (old) | Shoes by Joie (old)

When fashion speaks to you, you should listen!  That is exactly what happened when I encountered this Christopher Kane skirt.  I was extremely drawn to the bright colors, fringe details and uniqueness of this skirt.  This skirt is one of the most immediate purchases I have ever made (I usually ruminate for days).

When it comes to fashion, if your instinct is overwhelmingly positive towards a piece of clothing, I guarantee you will find ways to wear it.  This skirt seemed very impractical, but I have worn this skirt many times and I will continue to.

All things Christopher Kane fringe:

Similar items:

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer.