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Mes Demoiselles – Vero Rivera for Pow! Wow! DC – 06.22.2016

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dress by Mes Demoiselles | shoes by Tory Burch | earrings by Rosantica | purse by Celine

After months of complaining that it was too cold, the sun is out and it is downright hot in DC.  On the weekends and at night it is all I can do to put on anything fancy or that clings to my body.  I discovered Mes Demoiselles clothing, hailing from France if you didn’t catch that already, and fell in love with their flowy, lightweight, delicate and beautiful clothing.  I knew their dresses would be perfect for summer in DC.   I will admit that wearing a flowy dress when you aren’t tall isn’t always the most figure flattering choice, but you certainly can cinch the waist on a flowy dress and/or wear high heels to make it that.  The reality is a flowy dress is romantic, stylish and foremost comfortable.

Flowy dresses for summer that I love:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.  Art by Puerto Rican artist Vero Rivera for Pow! Wow! DC.  If you have not yet gone to visit the Pow! Wow! murals, you should, they are extraordinary and bring so much life and spirit to the NoMa neighborhood!


Tory Burch – Matt Corrado for Pow! Wow! DC – 06.21.2016

politiquettepowwowDC (36 of 54)-1 politiquettepowwowDC (45 of 54)-1politiquettepowwowDC (41 of 54)-1 politiquettepowwowDC (35 of 54)-1politiquettepowwowDC (48 of 54)-1dress by Tory Burch | earrings by Katerina Makriyianni | shoes by Joie

This spring/summer there are many designers who have recreated the Mexican style embroidered dress.  These garments historically have been designed on white textiles with bright colored threads, but this summer many are completely bold in color.  I love the vintage feel to these dresses.  The look is perfect for casual events, vacations, and even cocktail parties depending on how you style the dress.

Tory Burch Dress:

Similar Embroidered Dresses:

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer. Mural by local DC artist Matt Corrado for Pow! Wow! DC.



Stuart Weitzman – Decoy for Pow! Wow! DC – 06.14.2016

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Shoes by Stuart Weitzman | top by Sacai | skirt by J. Crew

Like most followers of fashion I have seen Stuart Weitzman “nudist” sandals on celebs for many years.  They are simple, elegant and flattering.  That said, I never really understood why this shoe is everywhere.

I recently went to the Stuart Weitzman store in Columbus Circle when I was in New York City and spent some time learning about the brand’s various shoe styles and trying on different versions of what I now think are amazing staples for any wardrobe.  My conversion to Stuart Weitzman is not revolutionary, and if they had waited for my business to come along they wouldn’t be in business, but now they have a new customer who wants to keep them going!

I want to share what I have learned about these sandals and why you will probably want them in your wardrobe too.  BTW, this post is not sponsored, this is just my genuine lovefest and public service.

Stuart Weitzman 101

  • Stuart Weitzman shoes are simple and look good with everything!  These shoes let your outfit do the talking and most of the time that is exactly what you want.  They are delicately designed and look sophisticated.
  • These shoes are really comfortable.  I kid you not.  Now trekking through the weeds and rocks in NoMa was a little challenging, but that isn’t really an occasion where one would normally wear these shoes.
  • There is a style for every woman, they come in multiple heel heights and heel widths!

Nudist – This pair is for the real walking in heels pro.  The shoe that is the icon of their sandal line and the version you are probably most familiar with, coming in with a heel height at 4.5 inches.

Nudistsong – This is the version I am wearing in blue.  I personally max out at 4 inches when it comes to a heel, so this version’s heel height is 3.75 inches is the perfect shoe when I want to go out and be fancy.  This version wouldn’t be an all day shoe for me.

Naked – Easier to wear because it is lower, but still a delicate heel.  Heel height is 2 3/4 inches.

Nunaked – I mean, I wasn’t kidding when I said that they make this sandal is EVERY height, it’s amazing! Heel height is 2.5 inches.

Nearly Nude – A newer style, with a wider heel, I think this is the shoe for DC and all city ladies who spend a lot of time commuting on foot.  I definitely see this shoe in my future.  Heel height is 3 inches.

Here is roundup of some of my favorite Stuart Weitzman sandals:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.  Mural by local, female artist Decoy – you know I love the woman power!  Learn more about Decoy here and Pow! Wow! DC here.


Les Bonbons – Hoxxoh for Pow! Wow! DC – 06.10.2016

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politiquettepowwowDC (3 of 54)-1Les Bonbons earrings by Rebecca de Ravenel | dress by Tory Burch | shoes by See by Chloe | purse by Gucci

Currently I am feeling bright colors and all things fun and I am letting my mood play out in my style.  The coveted Les Bonbons earrings by Rebecca de Ravenel that I am wearing really capture the essence of my current mood.  One of the best ways to make your style happy is through accessories and jewelry!

Les Bonbons have become the “it” accessory to have this summer.  Written up in premier fashion publications and sold out everywhere, I was lucky enough to snag this blue ombre pair.  You can purchase these earrings now on her website or see below.

Btw, the earrings are clip-on so you don’t need to have your ears pierced.

Les Bonbons:

Outfit I am wearing and similar:

Photo Information:  Photo by Anna Meyer.  Mural for Pow! Wow! DC by Hoxxoh.

POW! WOW!, is a global art movement that celebrates culture, music, and art worldwide that took over the District during the last ten days of May as POW! WOW! DC. Local, national, and international artists convened to enrich and enliven area neighborhoods with their murals. POW! WOW! DC is lead by local artist Kelly Towles, along with many great partners and volunteers.