Fashion at the Democratic and Republican Conventions: Why I plan to attend both political conventions as the first ever style blogger to cover “fashion” – PHL // CLE – 07.17.2016

As someone who worked in politics for many years of my life it is only natural that I would want to continue down that road, especially this year.  Having taken a new direction with my career recently, I decided that it was important for me to participate in a way that encompasses the work I have been doing as a result of founding Politiquette. The more I thought on it, I knew the opportunity would be to photograph and write about the election from a perspective that is not often covered, fashion.  I will be attending the Democratic and Republican National Conventions the next two weeks to do just that.

I have attended many political conventions in the past and have always been fascinated by the lengths people will go with their fashion choices in order to promote a candidate, protest a political issue or bring light to a cause. Delegates and attendees can be counted on to share their own political platforms through what they wear.  Outside of American flag and party animal flare, what people wear to conventions often conveys a much deeper story than ‘who are you wearing.’  Clothing gives people a voice and with social media use at an all-time high, clothing choices have the potential to reach masses and amplify messages.

In addition to delegates, elected officials and everyday partygoers, conventions have been known to attract many celebrity guests that often bring their best fashion game.  Along with actors, athletes and musicians, I anticipate many fashion designers will be in attendance.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign even has a “Made for History” collection of t-shirts designed by iconic fashion designers.

There will also be attendees from all over the world.  Ambassadors from other countries will attend both conventions to see firsthand how the American election process works.  Many of these individuals will be dressed in clothing that represents their own culture and a cross-cultural exchange.  The diplomacy of fashion will certainly play a role at conventions and is always interesting to see.

Most notably, in 2016, we have two presidential candidates that are a favorite topic when it comes to their personal style choices.  Hillary Clinton is iconic for the monochrome colored pantsuits she wears and has tried hard to make fashion a non-talking point on the campaign trail.  On the other hand, while Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate in history to have his own fashion line (albeit the ethics of sourcing have been questioned), he does not seem to care about what he is wearing.  He has the same suit on everyday down to the red tie.    It will be fascinating to see what each candidate chooses to wear to accept their official nominations at the political conventions.

I am excited to attend both political conventions to be able share the “politics of fashion” with the public.

Please follow for the latest fashions from Cleveland at the Republican National Convention beginning this coming Monday, 7/18.




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