Rimowa – Union Station DC – 08.03.2016

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I am very happy to say that I am finally back in DC for a while after having been on the road for two solid weeks.  My time away at the RNC and DNC was fantastic, however it wouldn’t have been as easy without having the right luggage.

Luggage is an investment, it is not cheap, but when you travel frequently it is so worth it to have durable, lightweight, rolling luggage.  A few years back I discovered suitcases made from “polycarbonate” a plastic like material.  The shell is made to protect your items, and maintain shape.  The material is also very light.  After I purchased my first suitcase made of this material, I have not turned back.  I am a big fan of Rimowa, but Tumi and Samsonite also make great bags that are similar.  I have tried others but have not been impressed and they have fallen apart.

In addition to using my suitcase for travel I use it for all of my Politiquette photo shoots so it is really important that it is durable.  My Rimowa has been rolled miles around DC and it has been exceptionally durable!

For easy travel, my luggage tips are:

  • A hardshell suitcase
  • Lightweight material
  • 4 wheels that roll all directions
  • Buy from a retailer who will assist you if you have a problem with the suitcase.  You want a retailer who will easily replace something.  I purchased mine from Zappos and they were great when I had an issue.
  • Save the fancy leather luggage for trips in the car, not Amtrak or the plane where it will guaranteed get knocked around and dirty.
  • Ask for luggage pieces as a birthday, graduation, wedding gift.  Helps eliminate the financial burden of having to buy an entire set on your own and people love giving gifts that people will actually use!

The carry-on bag I use by Rimowa and other luggage I like here:

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