Politiquette – Washington, DC – Happy 1st Birthday!

IMG_5252My original vision for Politiquette was to style photos that were about the fashion without a person, so they could be about my readers.  While I love some of my initial posts and the images, especially this floating shoe, it became evident quickly that people want to see a person in clothing.

politiquette (23 of 109)The photo shoot when I became the subject, in addition to the clothing and locations, was a big wake-up call.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was changing my clothes in public restrooms, dragging a suitcase of items around the city and realized that creating art is not as glamorous as I had envisioned.  I love every minute of it, but don’t be fooled.

politiquette (42 of 109)-10The universe has a way of working things out when you work hard and put your vision into something.  I had heard about this amazing local designer named Ron David Edwards that I wanted to meet.  One day when I was scouting shooting locations, I walked into a warehouse across the street from Union Market, standing in front of me was Ron and his collection!  This location was opening the next day as a now the now familiar pop-up space known as Lab 1270.  Soulmates from the minute we met, this was my first blog partnership, so grateful!

DSC_0696-9And then I tried on a couture wedding dress, no big deal.  I never had thought I would wear a wedding dress on my blog, especially as someone who is single.  But when a good friend offered to introduce me to Sareh Nouri and told me I could write about her, the answer was 100% yes.  As much as I try to plan what the blog will feature and what content I will produce, most of my great posts happen on a whim.  It’s quite exciting and has allowed me to produce work that is even better than I could have imagined.
politiquette2.13 (12 of 18)-3
Drinking on the job is sometimes a good idea.  A few months into shooting, it was clear that posing did not come naturally to me.  As much as I tried to relax, the photos only became more forced and awkward.  The day I shot at Songbyrd was during a DC Soul Sessions brunch.  The gracious owner offered me a Mimosa and the dynamic of photos that resulted sure began to change – they were better. Let me be clear, my photo shoots are not booze fest, but I can say I don’t turn a drink down when I am on the job and my only job is to get dressed and pose.

politiquette4.5.2016 (22 of 46)-22In the spring of this year, Zadig & Voltaire partnered with Politiquette.  This was extremely exciting on many levels.  Not only am I devoted to the brand, I was able to see the influence and impact that Politiqutte was having in DC.  Many people showed up for the fantastic shopping event I hosted and it was an important reminder that I have many people who are looking to me to provide a quality product to them.

Politiquette4.16.16 (24 of 38)-6This photo sums up the synergy between my photographer and me and the reason that having a good team to work with, no matter how big or small, is important.  How nice it has been to go to work and know that I will be 100% supported by someone who I am equally cheering on.   Anna is one of the reasons, in her words, that I am “lucky to live in DC.”

politiquette5.28.16 (41 of 57)-1One of the most challenging things that happen when you put yourself out to the public everyday and charter a new course for yourself is to maintain confidence.  When I look at this picture I remember to keep going, because this magical photo is what bringing style and exposure to iconic Washington, DC is all about.

politiquette7.10.16 (34 of 101)-1

Politiquette has been labor of love.  I could not have done it without the many wonderful creators in DC who have supported me from the minute I met them.  How special and beautiful this has been.

PolitiquetteBucketFeet (11 of 23)-1Also, many thanks to my family, friends and YOU for supporting my creative endeavor.

politiquettedistrictdistillingco-34-of-59-1Looking ahead you can expect to see some great new additions and more of the same fashion and features.

Thank you for making this a very happy 1st birthday for Politiquette!


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