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October 2016


Sacai – Spanish Steps – 10.12.2016

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It’s gala season in DC.  In fact one of the premiere black tie events is coming up this Friday night, the Meridian Ball.  Black Tie attire in DC can mean various things based on the event, but the Meridian Ball dress code is certainly one event that stays true to the definition, meaning it is very formal.  I think you can get away with a dress similar to the one I am wearing in this photo if you paired it with different evening shoes because of the decadent details, but I would normally wear this dress for a cocktail attire event.

Politiquette Tip: For a black tie event you should wear a long formal dress, a fancier cocktail dress that is not too short, a formal suit or a tuxedo.  This goes for women and men.

You can shop my dress and other Black Tie recommendations here:

Photo Information:

Photos were taken at the Spanish Steps in the DC neighborhood of Kalorama.  Named for the Spanish Steps in Rome, the steps were built as part of the DC City Beautiful Movement.

Photos taken by Anna Meyer.


Melania Trump wears Gucci ‘pussy-bow’ top to the Presidential Debate on 10.09.2016



Tonight Melania Trump wore a chic pink outfit by Gucci to the second presidential debate.  Many people on social media were talking about how amazing she looked or that she once again copied First Lady Michelle Obama, FLOTUS recently wore Gucci on the Ellen Degeneres show.  I was personally astounded by the name of the style of top she chose to wear ‘pussy-bow.’  Was it intentional?  The Trump Campaign told Sopan Deb of CBS “this was not intentional,” but regardless, the timing is questionable and certainly creates more unwanted attention to a situation that the Trump Campaign would certainly like to put behind them.

Read more on Jezebel about the feminist history of the pussy-bow style top.

Photo Information: Screenshot from Net-a-porter.  Buy the same shirt here


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Nicole Miller – District Distilling Co. – 10.04.2016


politiquettedistrictdistillingco-15-of-59-1politiquettedistrictdistillingco-14-of-59-1 politiquettedistrictdistillingco-2-of-59-1 politiquettedistrictdistillingco-6-of-59-1politiquettedistrictdistillingco-1-of-59-1I’m drawn to clothing made out of textured fabrics, similar to the Nicole Miller dress I am wearing in this photo.  Jacquard materials make everything feel fancier and more special.  I first discovered “jaquard” fabrics when I was in college and purchased a very fancy pair of pants from Nicole Miller, coincidentally.  They were made of a material similar to this dress.  My friend who worked with textiles enlightened me to the name of, history of and process involved in producing this type of fabric.  Fall and winter are especially great seasons for a jacquard weave and you will often find them in stores because many of the fabrics are a little more dense.

Politiquette Tip: Jacquard is a technique used in weaving and results in a textured fabric/raised print like the dress featured today.  This is a very simplified definition, but it provides a base for knowledge.

Jacquard items I am loving for fall here:

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at District Distilling Co.

About District Distilling Co.

District Distilling Co. is the first Distillery + Kitchen + Bar in DC and it opened less than a month ago on August 26th.

District Distilling Co. is an amazing place for cocktails, dinner and tours where you can learn about the distilling process.  I have been lucky enough to experience all three and recommend you try this location at your earliest convenience!

The drink featured in this photo is their delicious “Vicinage” which includes Don Ciccio & Figli Cinque Aperitivo, Lillet Blanc, Thyme, Lemon, Brut.  It’s meant to wake up your palate.  I can confirm it did just that!

Also, District Distilling Co. will be releasing their spirits at the end of this month, so this week!  The will be featuring Corridor Vodka, Backroom Bourbon, Buzzard Point Rum and Checkerbark Gin for tasting and for purchase in their retail space.

Thank you to District Distilling for your hospitality to Politiquette for this shoot!

*Dress via Sherman Pickey (loaned).  Jewelry via secondDaughter (loaned).


SilkPeel – Celadon Spa – 09.30.2016

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This past week I had one of the most amazing spa treatments I have ever had at Celadon Spa.  The treatment is called a SilkPeel, a new service being offered by Celadon Spa.  The SilkPeel is a microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores, together with a simultaneous infusion of specialized serum, chosen to meet the skin’s needs, which treats and volumizes the skin.  My skin has never looked so good.  In fact my skin was glowing, fuller and close to flawless after the treatment.

You may have heard of the ‘diamond facial’ that Hollywood stars do before special events like the Oscars or Grammys to get that ‘red carpet glow’ and this is the treatment!  After having it done I was so thrilled with the results I understand why you would want to have this done prior to a special event.  It’s currently gala season in DC and a facial like this is perfect to get done prior to a Washington gala.  A SilkPeel would be great before any number of upcoming special events like election or holiday parties, weddings or just to treat yourself to feeling and looking great!

The main reason this treatment is so popular is because it ‘plumps’  the skin volume by 70%’ so it produces a cherubic and healthy effect.  Additionally, it great for a lip plumping treatment and temporary eye lifting, a way to avoid anything invasive.

You can see above in the first few photos at the beginning of my treatment that my face and lips lacked fullness, but when you look at the second to the last photo taken immediately after the treatment there is a big difference in the glow and fullness of my skin.

The final photo is a low quality selfie from the day after.  I barely have any makeup on besides mascara and lipgloss and I am completely okay posting the way I look.  I would normally not go out with that little makeup on, so I was extremely pleased with the results!

I can’t say enough good things about the SilkPeel.  I  have been a client of Celadon Spa for over ten years and this past year it has been an honor to partner with them, especially to try out this new service and be able to share the experience and results with other people.  I highly recommend this treatment.  I will definitely be going back and doing this again!

Politiquette Tip: Taking care of your skin is one of the best investments you can make.

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.  SilkPeel treament performed by Jackie at Celadon Spa.

About the SilkPeel at Celadon Spa

A series of SilkPeels can greatly improve pigmentation, fine lines and acne. A single treatment is $199. Our series of 6 is $1050 (making each one $175). Treatment includes face, neck, lip and eyes followed by a masque, serum and application of sunscreen.

*Thank you to Celadon Spa for partnering with Politiquette on this post.