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Shop Your Closet – Ragnar Kjartansson at the Hirshhorn – 12.15.2016

politiquette12-10-16-26-of-39-1 politiquette12-10-16-27-of-39-2 politiquette12-10-16-29-of-39-3 politiquette12-10-16-32-of-39-4 politiquette12-10-16-36-of-39-5 politiquette12-10-16-4-of-28-10 politiquette12-10-16-7-of-28-11 politiquette12-10-16-8-of-28-12Jacket by Iro // Cami by J. Crew // Pants by Michael Kors // Purse by Fendi

Politiquette Tip: Shopping your closet can be one of the best ways to find an outfit you never knew you had.  With only one new item, the J. Crew cami, I was able to put this entire outfit together from my closet.

Shop my look:

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Myer at the Hirshhorn MuseumCheck out the Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit featuring the “Woman in E” until January 8, 2017.



Tory Burch – Buttercream Bakeshop – 12.06.2016

politiquette11-23-16-21-of-62-1 politiquette11-23-16-2-of-62-1 politiquette11-23-16-17-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-11-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-4-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-6-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-9-of-62-1Dress by Tory Burch; Shoes by Tory Burch (old); Earrings by Mallory Shelter; Purse by Kotur (old); Unicorn Bars by Buttercream Bakeshop

Politiquette Tip: If you want to wear open-toed shoes and no tights during the winter, you should try an air-brush spray to make legs look flawless.  My favorite, which comes in multiple shades, can be purchased at your local pharmacy.  I use the Sally Hansen air-brush spray.  I like this one because it washes away immediately.

Some of my favorite Tory Burch dresses:

Flawless Favorites:

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Buttercream Bakeshop in Shaw. Buttercream is open seven days a week in the Shaw neighborhood at 1250 9th Street NW in Washington, DC.



J. Crew – Shaw – 11.28.2016

politiquette11-23-16-23-of-62-1 politiquette11-23-16-39-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-36-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-28-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-42-of-62-1 Sweater by J. Crew (current) // Jacket by Etoile Isabel Marant // Sunglasses by Celine // Shoes by Zara (current) // Jeans by Current/Elliott

Politiquette Tip: Something as simple as changes the laces in the shoes you buy, can make them look much fancier.  I hated the thick laces in the silver brogues I purchased from Zara, it made took away from the chicness of the shoe.  I purchased simple, dress laces and the look of the shoe changed instantly.  This is a very easy and cost-effective solution.

Shop my other favorite J. Crew looks all 40% off today:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


Rebecca Taylor – Naylor Court – 11.18.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-23-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-22-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-20-of-55-1Dress by Rebecca Taylor (current) / Purse by Zadig & Voltair (loaned) / Shoes by Kate Spade

Shop this dress and some of my other favorite styles by Rebecca Taylor:

  Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


Petersyn – Naylor Court – 11.14.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-29-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-35-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-38-of-55-1 Politiquette Tip: A off-the-shoulder top can be worn for a fancy night out or a casual afternoon hanging out.  Love the versatility of this popular style.

This same top and others by Petersyn:

Other favorite off-the-shoulder tops:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.  Location, Naylor Court, Washington, DC.