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Who What Wear – Naylor Court – 10.29.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-45-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-48-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-49-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-55-of-55-1It’s been a busy, crazy week and I am ready to bundle up and chill.  I love the warmth and chicness of a fluffy vest.  It’s so versatile, you can wear it with just about anything.  Over a dress or an easy sweater.  A vest like the one I am  wearing is definitely a wardrobe must-have for fall and winter.  The only thing to be careful of is that it doesn’t make you look like an oversized muppet!

rowlf_yamahaimage via

Faux Fur Vests:


Who What Wear Favorites:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer in Naylor Court, NW.

*Thank you to Zadig & Voltaire for loaning me the vest and purse.


Michael by Michael Kors – The Hirshhorn Museum – 01.07.2016

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Leather pants by Michael by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an established global fashion empire.  With multiple lines, some more reasonably priced than others, most people have encountered Michael Kors in some capacity.  His carry-all tote bags and oversize wrist watches became “it pieces” to the point of saturating the market.  I even recall Anne Romney during the last presidential campaign being totally into her Michael Kors watch and talking about it during interviews.  This is a woman who can afford any watch she desires!  While those are probably the most recognizable items from the Michael by Michael Kors brand, there are many items in his lower priced collection, including these leather pants, that are worth checking out.

Leather pants styled with faux fur scarf by Banana Republic; sweater by Acne; shoes by Kate Spade; rings by Maison Margiela


For many years I thought about purchasing a pair of leather pants.  I finally found this pair on sale recently and decided I would give them a try.  I am very happy I purchased these pants because they are a great wardrobe staple.  Any wardrobe can benefit by adding a pair of leather or faux leather pants and here are some reasons why:

-When I received these pants, I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to wear them.  I knew that by having this one pair of pants in my closet I had multiple new outfit options.

-Also, it is freezing outside right now and I am uninspired to dress up.  I can put these pants on with anything, including an oversize cozy sweater like the look I am featuring today, and be warm, comfortable and stylish.

-Lastly they increase your cool-factor.  I was recently styling someone and the point was to come across fresh, hip and cool.  One of the easiest ways to do this, is by wearing leather pants.

Similar leather pants:


Gone are the days when leather pants were only for rebels and rock stars.  Mainstream women are all now wearing leather pants.  From corporate executives to ladies of the Junior League, leather pants are everywhere and I am a big advocate that leather pants can be worn most anywhere.  Washingtonians, listen up, you can even wear leather pants for work.  My best advice is that you make certain the pants aren’t too tight or form fitting.  For example, I have curves so I would wear a longer shirt that covers my backside and a blazer for the office.  There can definitely be limitations, but there are always ways make leather pants appropriate.

Photo Information: photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Hirshhorn Museum.


Noam Hanoch – The Hirshhorn Museum – 12.31.2015

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politiquette12.30 (17 of 23)-8


politiquette12.30 (22 of 23)-11


Camisole by Noam Hanoch


For New Year’s Eve (NYE) I have decided to try a different look this year.  Normally I pick sequins because I love any excuse to wear them, but this winter I have been feeling black and white and when I saw this camisole I knew it was the perfect look for NYE.

This camisole is glamorous and provocative while still being tasteful.  However I personally consider wearing this top a fashion risk for me showing skin.  I think NYE is a great evening to take fashion risks.  Everyone is in a festive mood, celebrations are decadent, so why not take a risk?  It’s a great way to be out with the old and in with the new!  Whatever look you choose for NYE, I would encourage you to take a risk this year and have fun with your look!

Lingerie was a prominent style seen on the runways for spring 2016.  In fact I talk about this trend in the BYT 2015 DC Fashion Roundup I was featured in this past week.  I think when ringing in 2016 it will be apropos to be embracing a 2016 fashion trend.


A lacy camisole is a classic piece of clothing to own.  While lingerie looks come in and out of style, a camisole can always be a great item to have in your closet.  This is a versatile piece that can also be worn under suit jackets for work and then transition to an evening look, with jeans for a concert or date night, or with a skirt for a cocktail party.  After tonight, I will primarily be wearing my camisole more frequently under blazers for a more modest approach.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Hirshhorn Museum.  This collection is by Shana Lutker, Le ‘New’ Monocle, Chapters 1-3 and showing until February 15, 2015.


Shrimps – Ben’s Chili Bowl on H Street, NE – 11.20.2015

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Faux Fur Scarf by Shrimps

Shrimps is a London-based brand that was launched in 2013 by designer Hannah Weiland.  “With a background in History of Art and a diploma in Surface Textile Design from the London College of Fashion, Weiland takes her inspiration from the witticisms of modern art and a playful engagement with pattern and texture.”


Yesterday I had only a few minutes to spend on Twitter, but multiple times in my feed there were tweets about faux fur items for winter.  It seemed very apropos that I was planning to feature this scarf today on the  blog.

I discovered Shrimps on one of my favorite retail sites, net-a-porter, when the line was first launched.  I loved the playful colors and textures of the faux fur line.  While I have been eyeing the Shrimps coats for sometime, I started to think that a scarf could be even more fun and probably a little more practical for everyday.  There are so many amazing and fun faux fur scarves and stoles in the stores right now, I have picked a few of my favorites and featured them below.

One of the best attributes of  these items is the quality.  Faux fur is not an easy thing to master and I have come across some very unappealing options over the years no matter what the price point or who the designer.  Due to the popular request by consumers for more quality faux fur products, designers have worked really hard to make great progress so that these items are made to look and feel of quality.

*I am committed to not featuring fur on this website.  An interesting read about the current place of fur in fashion from the New York Times can be read here.


I’m a big fan of fun accessories and this scarf is definitely one of my favorite items in my closet at the moment.  As you can see, adding this scarf to a very basic outfit allowed my look to go from classic, to fashion forward and fun.

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a great piece that can add a little edge to your holiday party looks.   I wore this scarf for a business meeting the same morning of this photo shoot.  I would wear this scarf with a suit, a solid or printed dress or with outerwear.  The holiday season allows for this piece to be integrated more seamlessly at the office.  This scarf is very appropriate for many occasions and as I mentioned before, because it is an accent piece, it works much better.

Photography:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Ben’s Chili Bowl on H Street, NE.  I immediately knew I had to take photos at Ben’s when I thought of the setting for the shoot because the scarf matches the restaurant perfectly.  The employees and customers at Ben’s were all very gracious and accommodating while we took these photos.  I didn’t have an opportunity to eat that day, but will absolutely be back there soon for a chili dog and chili fries!  Thank you Ben’s Chili Bowl for your hospitality!


Iro – The Fridge DC – 10.30.2015

Ira Politiquette x Bobby Spero


by Iro

Iro was founded by French brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2004.

As net-a-porter says “IRO perfectly combines the cool effortlessness of street style with a quintessentially Parisian spirit.”

I purchased my first Iro jacket a couple of years ago and I get so much use out of this item.  Every season this brand produces jackets with modern cuts, but classic fabrics and prints.  You can wear their jackets to be dressy or casual.  I really think these jackets are worth the investment.  You can also find them on sale and often on consignment.  The Real Real has a great selection of them right now.

Here is the same and similar Iro Jackets:

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