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Consignment Finds – The Bird – 1.26.17

Dress by Tory Burch; Purse by Judith Leiber (vintage); Earrings by J.Crew; Jacket by Banana Republic; Boots by Kate Spade (old)

Politiquette Tip:

Shopping at consignment stores is a great way to expand your wardrobe on a budget.  It is also a way to find unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.  I found the featured Judith Leiber bag at 2nd Time Around in Georgetown and I absolutely love it.


Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer at The Bird Restaurant in Shaw.

About the Art: Gean Carlos Martinez is a visual artist from the Dominican Republic. He immigrated to the US, and his early teens quickly gravitated toward graffiti art. An avid student of style Martinez has participated in dozens of public murals and served as an assistant artist to many of the District’s most well-known muralists. Martinez serves as Sargent at Arms for the Double Down Kings graffiti crew.

*Thank you to 2nd Time Around for partnering with me in 2016.


Shop Your Closet – Ragnar Kjartansson at the Hirshhorn – 12.15.2016

politiquette12-10-16-26-of-39-1 politiquette12-10-16-27-of-39-2 politiquette12-10-16-29-of-39-3 politiquette12-10-16-32-of-39-4 politiquette12-10-16-36-of-39-5 politiquette12-10-16-4-of-28-10 politiquette12-10-16-7-of-28-11 politiquette12-10-16-8-of-28-12Jacket by Iro // Cami by J. Crew // Pants by Michael Kors // Purse by Fendi

Politiquette Tip: Shopping your closet can be one of the best ways to find an outfit you never knew you had.  With only one new item, the J. Crew cami, I was able to put this entire outfit together from my closet.

Shop my look:

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Myer at the Hirshhorn MuseumCheck out the Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit featuring the “Woman in E” until January 8, 2017.



J. Crew – Shaw – 11.28.2016

politiquette11-23-16-23-of-62-1 politiquette11-23-16-39-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-36-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-28-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-42-of-62-1 Sweater by J. Crew (current) // Jacket by Etoile Isabel Marant // Sunglasses by Celine // Shoes by Zara (current) // Jeans by Current/Elliott

Politiquette Tip: Something as simple as changes the laces in the shoes you buy, can make them look much fancier.  I hated the thick laces in the silver brogues I purchased from Zara, it made took away from the chicness of the shoe.  I purchased simple, dress laces and the look of the shoe changed instantly.  This is a very easy and cost-effective solution.

Shop my other favorite J. Crew looks all 40% off today:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


The Political Convention Runway – Day 2, DNC in Philadelphia – 07.26.2016


First Lady Michelle Obama at the DNC in 2012 (photo by Reuters); Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley at the DNC in 2016

What an honor it was speaking at the Democratic National Convention this evening! #DNC #ImWithHer

A photo posted by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on

When I spotted Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley at the DNC last week wearing the same dress that First Lady Michelle Obama wore to deliver remarks at the 2012 DNC convention, it reminded me how Michelle Obama was really the first politico to sell clothing, albeit unintentionally.  We all remember how Jenna Lyons was promoted for the exposure and sales that resulted from the First Lady wearing J. Crew.  The First Lady has brought exposure to many designers since 2008 and has really given a substantive voice to the fashion community.  The Tracy Reese dress that she wore in Charlotte to deliver a speech in 2012, is no exception.

The past two weeks have been fashion heavy on the “political convention runway.”  Both Melania and Ivanka Trump managed to sell out the dresses that they both wore.  Ivanka even wore her own fashion line, which was a brilliant marketing play.  Her brother Donald Jr. wore a tie made by the Donald Trump brand, and then at the Democratic National Convention Eva Longoria was dressed for primetime in a dress from a clothing line she designed for The Limited. I’m not surprised that fashion is front and center in politics, but it has been very interesting to watch how much of a role fashion has played at both political conventions and more notable how the fashion has influenced sales.


Stuart Weitzman – Decoy for Pow! Wow! DC – 06.14.2016

politiquettepowwowDC (32 of 54)-1

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politiquettepowwowDC (24 of 54)-1

Shoes by Stuart Weitzman | top by Sacai | skirt by J. Crew

Like most followers of fashion I have seen Stuart Weitzman “nudist” sandals on celebs for many years.  They are simple, elegant and flattering.  That said, I never really understood why this shoe is everywhere.

I recently went to the Stuart Weitzman store in Columbus Circle when I was in New York City and spent some time learning about the brand’s various shoe styles and trying on different versions of what I now think are amazing staples for any wardrobe.  My conversion to Stuart Weitzman is not revolutionary, and if they had waited for my business to come along they wouldn’t be in business, but now they have a new customer who wants to keep them going!

I want to share what I have learned about these sandals and why you will probably want them in your wardrobe too.  BTW, this post is not sponsored, this is just my genuine lovefest and public service.

Stuart Weitzman 101

  • Stuart Weitzman shoes are simple and look good with everything!  These shoes let your outfit do the talking and most of the time that is exactly what you want.  They are delicately designed and look sophisticated.
  • These shoes are really comfortable.  I kid you not.  Now trekking through the weeds and rocks in NoMa was a little challenging, but that isn’t really an occasion where one would normally wear these shoes.
  • There is a style for every woman, they come in multiple heel heights and heel widths!

Nudist – This pair is for the real walking in heels pro.  The shoe that is the icon of their sandal line and the version you are probably most familiar with, coming in with a heel height at 4.5 inches.

Nudistsong – This is the version I am wearing in blue.  I personally max out at 4 inches when it comes to a heel, so this version’s heel height is 3.75 inches is the perfect shoe when I want to go out and be fancy.  This version wouldn’t be an all day shoe for me.

Naked – Easier to wear because it is lower, but still a delicate heel.  Heel height is 2 3/4 inches.

Nunaked – I mean, I wasn’t kidding when I said that they make this sandal is EVERY height, it’s amazing! Heel height is 2.5 inches.

Nearly Nude – A newer style, with a wider heel, I think this is the shoe for DC and all city ladies who spend a lot of time commuting on foot.  I definitely see this shoe in my future.  Heel height is 3 inches.

Here is roundup of some of my favorite Stuart Weitzman sandals:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.  Mural by local, female artist Decoy – you know I love the woman power!  Learn more about Decoy here and Pow! Wow! DC here.