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J. Crew – Shaw – 11.28.2016

politiquette11-23-16-23-of-62-1 politiquette11-23-16-39-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-36-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-28-of-62-1politiquette11-23-16-42-of-62-1 Sweater by J. Crew (current) // Jacket by Etoile Isabel Marant // Sunglasses by Celine // Shoes by Zara (current) // Jeans by Current/Elliott

Politiquette Tip: Something as simple as changes the laces in the shoes you buy, can make them look much fancier.  I hated the thick laces in the silver brogues I purchased from Zara, it made took away from the chicness of the shoe.  I purchased simple, dress laces and the look of the shoe changed instantly.  This is a very easy and cost-effective solution.

Shop my other favorite J. Crew looks all 40% off today:

Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


Petersyn – Naylor Court – 11.14.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-29-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-35-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-38-of-55-1 Politiquette Tip: A off-the-shoulder top can be worn for a fancy night out or a casual afternoon hanging out.  Love the versatility of this popular style.

This same top and others by Petersyn:

Other favorite off-the-shoulder tops:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.  Location, Naylor Court, Washington, DC.


Clover Canyon – Blue Bugle B&B – 05.18.2015

Politiquette4.16.16 (31 of 38)-2 Politiquette4.16.16 (32 of 38)-3 Politiquette4.16.16 (34 of 38)-5 Politiquette4.16.16 (38 of 38)-9 Dress by Clover Canyon | Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

The dress I am wearing in is designed by Clover Canyon, a venture that began in 2011 with Rozae Nichols as their creative director.  From the instant I saw this line I was lusting after the fun, thematic prints.  Every season this designer incorporates culture, art and a lot of color.  The designs are primarily made of a stretchy neoprene fabric (think wetsuits), which allows for the prints to be extremely detailed and colorful.  The fabric that is used also keeps a gals figure in place, no need for Spanx.  Clover Canyon is very reasonably priced and a great way to add some fun to your work wardrobe.  I have worn this dress many times for work with a blazer and it gets a lot of traction.  I picked some other work appropriate pieces by Clover Canyon below that I like.  You could of course wear this dress or something similar for parties, brunch and with flat sandals during the day.

Clover Canyon picks:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.  

The house in the background of my photos is located in Shaw and is hard to miss due to the interesting mural on the side of the house.  What I have also learned is that it has great notoriety as top place to stay on Airbnb, named the “Blue Bugle B&B.”  I may be moving down the street soon for a night.




Self Portrait – Dacha Beer Garden – 04.26.2016

Politiquette4.16.16 (8 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (9 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (12 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (15 of 38)-1Top by Self Portrait | Skirt by J Crew | Shoes by Kate Spade | Earrings by Gorjana | Sunglasses by Celine

One of the reining styles of spring/summer is lace.  The styles are feminine, beautiful and practical.  That’s right, practical and these lace styles go way beyond the bedroom.  You can also look professional and sophisticated wearing lace.

The look I am wearing would be pushing the limits for the office, but with a camisole underneath you could certainly wear this look for a work related event.  I have also picked some of my favorite lace looks for the office below.

Shop my exact look:


Shop work approps lace:

Check out more spring/summer styles featured in my Fashionably Famous column for FamousDC here.

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna MeyerPhotos taken at Dacha Beer Garden in Shaw.  Mural of Elizabeth Taylor by by Byron Peck and Ivo Koytchev, more details from BadWolf DC here.




Designers Remix – Blue Door in Shaw – 04.20.2016

Politiquette4.16.16 (24 of 38)-6Politiquette4.16.16 (19 of 38)-1 Politiquette4.16.16 (21 of 38)-3 Politiquette4.16.16 (22 of 38)-4 Politiquette4.16.16 (25 of 38)-7 Politiquette4.16.16 (26 of 38)-8 Politiquette4.16.16 (27 of 38)-9 Politiquette4.16.16 (29 of 38)-11Top by Designers Remix | Skirt by Tibi (old) | Purse by BOSS | Shoes by See by Chloe | Earrings by Jennifer Fisher

A little bit of detail can go a long way in distinguishing an outfit and the ruffle details this spring are really bringing it home!

Here are some of my favorite ruffles right now:

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer.