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David Szeto – No Kings Collective – 04.07.2016

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It was the early 1980s when I became dedicated to neon, I was in elementary school and I was living the neon dream.  Unfortunately, as an adult, it becomes less appropriate and more of a challenge to wear head to toe neon without looking like a fool.  I am so thankful designers have figured out ways to integrate neon into their designs so we all can re-live our hypercolor glory days.  I have worn the dress I am featuring today many times for work and I have picked some other neon items I would also wear to the office that you can shop featured below.

Neon Everything!  Here are some of my favorite, office appropriate, neon picks (you may need a blazer over some of the dresses):


When I saw this No Kings Collective (NKC) go-go mural at the Colonel I knew this dress was the perfect item to wear for my shoot.  I am a big fan of the creative works of NKC and encourage you to check them out too.  In fact, Lab 1270 at Union Market is hosting a NKC Pop-Up Installation beginning this weekend open to the public.  More details about the pop-up can be found below.

*You have heard me talk about Lab 1270 before HERE featuring Ron David and HERE featuring Dunn Lewis MC.

Photo Information:  Photos by Anna Meyer.

Union Market’s Lab 1270 to House Two New No Kings Collective Pop-Up Installations 

D.C. creative agency to launch inaugural “Animal Farm”-inspired exhibition April 8

Washington, D.C. (April 6, 2016) —  D.C. creative agency No Kings Collective, in collaboration with Warsteiner USA, will launch a special double header pop-up design exhibition at Union Market’s retail-plus concept shop Lab 1270 (1270 5th Street NE) this spring. NKC founders and partners Brandon Hill and Peter Chang will transform the 3,000-square foot mixed-use space during a two-month takeover of Lab 1270, turning it into an immersive fine art and creative retail experience.

The first phase of the build-out — THE BEASTS OF ENGLAND — launches April 8, anchored by an installation-heavy reinterpretation of George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm. The exhibit will consist of large indoor painting, wood sculpture, taxidermy, 2-D art and colorful typography, as well as innovative elements such as a raised grassy knoll that will serve as a communal seating area. Guests will be able to interact with the installation physically and digitally through organic social media and dedicated hashtags for a unique environmental experience.

On May 13, NKC will launch a second installation called HUSTLE 2.0, a design-oriented sophomore showcase featuring signature typography, 2-D artwork, multimedia elements, sculpture and prints focusing on the core values of arts and entrepreneurship.

THE BEASTS OF ENGLAND — April 8 through May 7 — and HUSTLE 2.0 — May 13 through June 5 — are both free to the public and open for special nightly and weekly programming and events ThursdaySunday, Noon-5 p.m. during their limited runs.

Through their two-part project at Lab 1270, NKC will create a creative flex space with pre-planned weekly programming, encompassing art, music, culinary and social elements with the intent of making the space a transformative environment, with an ever-changing look, feel and purpose.

“Having the opportunity to bring our ideas to life at Union Market and within Lab 1270 is such a creative boost of energy for us,” says No Kings Collective co-founder Brandon Hill. “The Union Market district is such a vibrant and important community in the city, so it only makes sense that we’d want to create and curate and come up with new concepts at a place that feels like home for us.”

For more information about Lab 1270, visit and to learn more about No Kings Collective @ Lab1270, visit and

Lab 1270 is a retail plus concept shop with in Washington, D.C.’s sprawling Union Market district. Lab 1270 is a 3,000-square foot mixed-use space that is a lively retail, experience, and work space. Located on 5th Street catty-corner to the market, the space offers market-goers various opportunities to support established and emerging retailers and artists. For more information about Lab 1270, please visit

No Kings Collective is an agency based out of Washington D.C. Composed of and run by local artists, No Kings Collective serves a community of area artists, businesses and city organizations through social networking events, exhibits and special projects. Over the last five years, No Kings Collective has gained local and national recognition for flash art exhibitions and temporary gallery spaces, providing new and exciting social events to promote a thriving art community in the nation’s capital. For more information, visit Follow No Kings Collective on Instagram and Twitter.


ZARA – Dunn Lewis MC – 11.30.2015

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Waistcoat by Zara; Dress by J. Crew; Bracelet by Hermes; Shoes by Kate Spade; Scarf worn on wrist by Dunn Lewis MC

Similar Items:



I’m a big fan of the waistcoat.  I featured a very different style one by Alix of Bohemia back in September, but when I think of a waistcoat I really do think about a piece that is as classic and versatile as this Zara coat I am featuring today.

The time has arrived, the real festive holiday season is here!  A great way to dress up (or down) your look is by adding a waistcoat to an outfit as I did today.  I actually think wearing a coat like this one with the sparkly dress I have on under it, makes the outfit much more chic and cool and dresses it down in a good way.  With many holiday parties beginning this week, solid day to night workwear options are key.  This outfit transitions perfectly from the office to whatever after work corporate/political/professional festive event you may be attending.

One of the reasons I love a waistcoat, besides the look, is because my body temperature changes so much as I get older and the sleeveless option works very well when my hormones aren’t in my corner.  It keeps me warm when the room is too cold and I can breathe and not have to run to the nearest window or icebox when I start to get hot.


Coats aren’t only for wearing outside and a layered look can be so put together.  It shows thoughtfulness when you have multiple elements of an outfit, albeit when you do this tastefully.  I’m not referring to someone like Katie Perry who’s outfit elements constantly seem to be inspired by a My Little Pony.

As you have now gathered, a waistcoat can be worn in multiple settings.  I purchased this coat right before Halloween and have worn it so many times already.  I wore it to a friend’s promotion celebration on Capitol Hill recently with this exact outfit.  I have also worn it with black coated jeans, a black lace long sleeve top and black sexy boots.  I would wear it over a cozy sweater and jeans with hip white sneakers for a more casual day look.  This piece is so adaptable for any outfit and can be worn to so many places.

Photo Information and Dunn Lewis MC:  taken by Anna Meyer at Dunn Lewis MC a new store based in Lab 1270 at Union Market.

Dunn Lewis MC is a VERY COOL and impeccably curated motorcycle shop that just opened at Lab 1270 at Union Market.  I stumbled upon this store when I was out shooting and the owners were some of the coolest people I have encountered in DC.  Their concept is unique to dc, featuring fancy bikes, bike parts, and cool men’s fashion.  They will also store your bike for you, which is kind of huge in DC to have a storage option for anything, let alone your treasured motorcycle.  So while the clothing in this store is outwardly for men, I would suggest ladies can absolutely be a part of what is going on here.   I would wear many of the items Dunn Lewis MC sells and in this shoot created a way to incorporate a couple of them with the scarf on my wrist as a bracelet cuff and I wore a lapel pin.

Male and female friends and readers you need to follow the Dunn Lewis insta feed and go check out the shop.  They even host social events at the store and you don’t have to be a bike owner to attend.  You may find one there to purchase or you can totally be a poser, it’s welcome.

Thank you to Dunn Lewis MC for being gracious and letting me shoot in your space and wear a few of your cool products!


Acne – Union Market, Follain – 11.23.2015

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by Acne

ACNE stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.”  ACNE was founded in 1996 and was originally part of a creative collective that focused on film, production, graphic design, and advertising.  In 1997 ACNE got into the fashion business when one of their co-founders who is still the Creative Director of the brand today, Johnny Johansson, made raw denim jeans stitched in red and started giving them away to friends and family.  Fashion magazines discovered the jeans and ACNE began to evolve to be more than just a denim design.  In 2006, the fashion component of ACNE became a standalone company.


It’s FINALLY sweater weather in DC.  I haven’t felt like getting cozy in a sweater until this past weekend!  The weather is now appropriate for mid-November and it’s so nice to embrace the fall.

I discovered this ACNE sweater back in the summer when it was a million degrees outside.  I kept putting off buying it, but when I was in Los Angeles in September I took at visit to ACNE’s standalone store in downtown LA and decided I had to have it.  The sweater is so warm and beautiful.  I also love how the sweater shows a little skin with the potential to be worn off the shoulder, so it can be sexy.

Every fall I buy a new, luxurious sweater that is amazing and that I will get a lot of wear out of.  I feel like I end up living in this sort of “stylish blanket” when all I really want to do is be snuggled in a real blanket.  There are always so many beautiful sweaters during the fall/winter to choose from on any budget.   I do think its worth looking at the fibers that are being used to make sure it’s as soft on your skin as possible.  The last thing you want from a sweater is to itch the entire time it’s on your body.

You may wonder why I only buy one sweater, it’s because I live in DC and do not have room for multiple chunky sweaters in my closet.   I am sure you can relate!


I think this sweater is perfect for off-duty occasions.  Anything that does not involved a corporate boardroom, the White House, The Hill, or a startup incubator setting.  This is a great look for casual night events, dates, or brunch with friends.

Photo Information:  Photos were taken by Anna Meyer.  These photos were taken at Union Market DC.  This is definitely a venue I would wear this sweater to normally.  While I was at the market I checked out one of my favorite little beauty stands, Follain.  If you haven’t been to this shop, you should stop by.  One of my favorite things that they sell is Ilia cosmetics.

More on Follain:

“Follain is a healthy beauty store with locations in Boston, Washington DC, and Nantucket. Follain–Gaelic for ‘healthy, wholesome, and sound’–features a thoughtfully curated portfolio of skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products from over 40 U.S. brands. Follain carries the highest-performing healthy beauty products available. Select products (think: liquid hand & body soap) are available for refill in-stores, as Follain aims to remedy the immense plastic waste generated by bottles.

No one should have to sacrifice their health and values for beauty.”


Zadig & Voltaire, Gucci, Hogan – Dock 5 – 11.13.2015

Politiquette x Jessica MitrovichPolitiquette x Jessica MitrovichPolitiquette x Jessica Mitrovich

Cardigan by Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is an extremely edgy brand out of France.  DC is lucky to have one of their few freestanding locations downtown at City Center.  I think a lot of people are intimidated by the cool factor displayed in the windows, but if you actually go into the store you will find that the clothing is quite approachable.  Zadig & Voltaire has many luxurious basics, including this cashmere cardigan that I am featuring today.  I happened to pop into Zadig & Voltaire yesterday and they mentioned to me that they are having a sale on all cashmere through the weekend; so now is a good time to go in and take a look at their clothing.

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