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How I wear my Hugo Boss suit – Celadon Spa – 2.26.2016

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suit by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German based company founded in 1923.  Most people associate the name Hugo Boss with their dapper men’s suiting, but what they may not realize is that the brand designs beautiful clothing and suiting for women.  In fact Hugo Boss appointed designer Jason Wu as their creative director of womenswear in 2013; Wu is known best for designing both of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inauguration gowns and being one of her favorite designers of everyday fashion.  There is a Hugo Boss store located downtown DC at City Center, conveniently located in the professional district, that carries the full Hugo Boss women’s collection.

As of today, the current CEO of Hugo Boss announced that he is stepping down due to weak sales in both China and the US.  Read more here.

In the photo I am wearing the Hugo Boss Julea Jacket (also like the Jabina Jacket) and Tulea Pants

Also, here is the exact top I am wearing and similar tops:


I am personally relieved that wearing suits is no longer an everyday standard required of women in professional settings.   However, there are times when you need a really well made suit with a great cut. For years I tried many suit brands including Theory, J. Crew and even Ann Taylor.  I couldn’t find a suit that was flattering to my womanly figure that was still reasonably priced.

I finally dedicated a shopping trip to finding the best suit.  I really didn’t want to have to pay an outrageous price and have to eat at Subway for the next month, but I was on a mission to find the perfect suit.  I tried on many brands and finally the salesperson asked if I had ever tried Hugo Boss?  I didn’t realize at that time that Hugo Boss made women’s clothing, but I knew their men’s suits were outstanding.  She brought me the suit featured in my photos today and I have never looked back.  This suit is the BEST suit I have ever owned.  I eventually bought the navy version.

After buying this suit I have run into many female professionals who own and love the same suit.  What is interesting is that these women all have very different body types and their ages range from late twenties to late sixties.  I mean, I’ve never heard of a clothing designer creating one item that can be appropriate for multiple age groups and body types.  I’m sort of convinced Hugo Boss is the miracle worker of women’s suits.


This suit is appropriate for business.  There are suits for other occasions, but this is 100% workwear.

I plan to periodically post different looks I wear with my Hugo Boss suit.  I am always looking for inspiration when it comes to wearing suits.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Celadon Spa.   Please look for a special “Celadon” feature on Politiquette soon about why blow outs save you time and money.


Roland Mouret – The Carlyle – 02.12.2016

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Dress by Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret is a French born designer of luxury apparel for women.  He is best known for his galaxy dress and, thanks to Victoria Beckham, his moon dress.  Both of these items can be viewed and purchased on his personal website.

The Roland Mouret flagship store is based in London where he has spent a great amount of time in recent years due to his business partner Simon Fuller, you know this man best from American Idol as he created the Idol franchise.  In 2014 Mouret partnered with Banana Republic and created an affordable collection.  You can still find pieces on eBay of the BR collab.

The designs of Roland Mouret are an investment, but wow, the colors he uses and the quality of fabric is amazing.  I got this dress on sale last year and you can often find Roland Mouret on sale, it just won’t happen at the top of the season.   If there weren’t sales, this dress would not be in my closet.

Roland Mouret items I like that are on sale or consignment:


I hate when sales people say to me “this is an investment piece and you will have it for the rest of your life.”  That statement is total BS.  Even if the piece is able to stand the test of time, my body won’t.  That is just what being a woman is all about.  Our bodies change and I may even weigh the same on the scale but things are always in different places.  My Burberry trench coat taught me this important lesson when it failed me after I exited my twenties.  While the trench meets my definition of “investment piece” today, it taught me that the sale associate definition was wrong.

That said, this dress is my definition of investment piece.  That means I can wear it multiple times for a couple of years if I am lucky and it makes me very happy to wear it every single time I put it on.  When buying an investment dress like this I advise that you  wear it as much as possible immediately after purchasing.  Don’t wait.

My other criteria for purchasing an investment piece of clothing includes:

  • Go into the purchase knowing that this piece won’t last forever and that you are buying it for now and as long as you can wear it.
  • Already have in mind and know you can wear the item for multiple occasions and style it multiple ways.
  • The item should both look and most importantly make you feel great on both “skinny” and “fat” days.
  • You better be excited to wear it a lot.  If not, not worth it.


I love a basic yet quality dress like this for the office with a shrug or blazer, for cocktail parties with fancy metallic shoes and jewels, and with a leather jacket and leather boots for other less conservative events.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at The Carlyle Hotel in Dupont Circle – home of The Riggsby.


Marc Jacobs – The Riggsby – 1.25.2016

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Dress by Marc Jacobs

This Marc Jacobs dress is from his Fall 2015 collection.  Marc Jacobs has been designing clothing since the 1980s through his own namesake lines and for other fashion houses, most notably Louis Vuitton from 1997-2014.  One quality I love about Marc Jacobs is that he doesn’t produce too many pieces with his collections so his designs are more unique when being worn.  Marc Jacobs is known for his thoughtful details and his appreciation of contemporary art is also reflected in his designs, this piece included.  If you look closely the pastel highlights have been painted onto the silk.

Here is the same Marc Jacobs dress I am wearing and other floral dresses I like:


I rarely pick floral items for my wardrobe and I don’t think I am alone, I’m certain that many women in DC avoid florals.  I thought about why this is and I think many times it comes down to florals being too busy, matronly, girlish, uninspired, unflattering, or unprofessional.  At least those are the reasons why I avoid florals.  So when I found this dress, which I was completely taken with, I spent some time disecting why I actually like this floral dress or the others that I featured today.  Here are some things I think set this piece apart, besides the designer of the dress being pretty genius, and tips I would keep in mind if you are inclined try a floral pattern and want to stay professional in your look.

-The style/cut of the dress is sophisticated.

-The colors have great contrast, the deep forest green offsets the pastels.

-The print isn’t too busy, it doesn’t make me feel nauseous to look at.

-The quality of the fabric is well structured.  Flimsy rayon is a non-starter when it comes to florals.  A structured cotton or silk makes a huge difference.

Some designers that do florals well in my book are: Asos; H&M; Kate Spade; Marni; Marc Jacobs; Milly


This style of dress is classic and classy.  It’s sophisticated for the office, perfect for a cocktail party, or great for daytime shower event.  If you follow the tips I mentioned above, a good floral dress should be able to be worn in all of these settings.

Photo Information:

Photos taken by Anna Meyer.

The Riggsby restaurant and bar opened in July of 2015 and is housed in the Kimpton Carlyle Hotel located in Dupont Circle.  The Riggsby was designed by Brian Miller of Edit Lab at Streetsense, and is inspired by the supper club atmosphere and whimsical decor of American restaurants in the mid-20th century. An open pass to the kitchen gives diners a peek behind the scenes and the lounge area features custom wallpaper based on a painting by Michael Schlow’s wife, mixed-media artist, Adrienne Schlow.

The decor and experience of being a guest at the Riggsby is quite whimsical and fun.  This is a great venue for drinks with a date or a dinner party.  It’s certainly a venue you can dress for and wear something similar to what I am wearing in these photos.  It’s also somewhere you can show up in jeans and a cozy sweater and feel right at home.

Thank you to the Riggsby for your hospitality and allowing me to use your beautiful restaurant as a backdrop for this post.


Anthropologie – Capital Pool Checkers Club – 01.19.2016

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Top by Anthropologie (purchased at the F Street, NW location, does not appear online at the moment)

Other checkers I like:

Styled with black skirt from Nordstrom; shoes by Kate Spade; bracelet by Hermes


It’s always a challenge to be creative when putting work outfits together, but thanks to fun prints with a few details, like this checkered top, you can have completely exciting outfits pretty easily and inexpensively.  I purchased this top from Anthropologie during their tag sale that is still taking place.  I love the peplum detail on this shirt, which also has some tulle underneath to give the top more structure.  I also like the way it gathers, which allows the top to be flattering.  Prints can be complicated if they do not have a flattering cut.  The last thing you want is a print to own you.  Using an example like this top, you can look for more figure flattering pieces.


I love this outfit for the office.  It’s playful and conservative at the same time.  I would also wear this top under with a suit and pull it out on the weekend with black leather pants, similar to this pair, or black skinny jeans.

Photo Information: Photos take by Anna Meyer at the Capital Pool Checker Club.

I found this video by Peggy Fleming about the Capital Pool Checker Club, which has been located in Shaw since 1982.  I encourage you to watch this and learn more about this special location and its history.

The mural on the side of the building was created as part of the MuralsDC initiative by artist Richard Colman.


ZARA – Dunn Lewis MC – 11.30.2015

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Waistcoat by Zara; Dress by J. Crew; Bracelet by Hermes; Shoes by Kate Spade; Scarf worn on wrist by Dunn Lewis MC

Similar Items:



I’m a big fan of the waistcoat.  I featured a very different style one by Alix of Bohemia back in September, but when I think of a waistcoat I really do think about a piece that is as classic and versatile as this Zara coat I am featuring today.

The time has arrived, the real festive holiday season is here!  A great way to dress up (or down) your look is by adding a waistcoat to an outfit as I did today.  I actually think wearing a coat like this one with the sparkly dress I have on under it, makes the outfit much more chic and cool and dresses it down in a good way.  With many holiday parties beginning this week, solid day to night workwear options are key.  This outfit transitions perfectly from the office to whatever after work corporate/political/professional festive event you may be attending.

One of the reasons I love a waistcoat, besides the look, is because my body temperature changes so much as I get older and the sleeveless option works very well when my hormones aren’t in my corner.  It keeps me warm when the room is too cold and I can breathe and not have to run to the nearest window or icebox when I start to get hot.


Coats aren’t only for wearing outside and a layered look can be so put together.  It shows thoughtfulness when you have multiple elements of an outfit, albeit when you do this tastefully.  I’m not referring to someone like Katie Perry who’s outfit elements constantly seem to be inspired by a My Little Pony.

As you have now gathered, a waistcoat can be worn in multiple settings.  I purchased this coat right before Halloween and have worn it so many times already.  I wore it to a friend’s promotion celebration on Capitol Hill recently with this exact outfit.  I have also worn it with black coated jeans, a black lace long sleeve top and black sexy boots.  I would wear it over a cozy sweater and jeans with hip white sneakers for a more casual day look.  This piece is so adaptable for any outfit and can be worn to so many places.

Photo Information and Dunn Lewis MC:  taken by Anna Meyer at Dunn Lewis MC a new store based in Lab 1270 at Union Market.

Dunn Lewis MC is a VERY COOL and impeccably curated motorcycle shop that just opened at Lab 1270 at Union Market.  I stumbled upon this store when I was out shooting and the owners were some of the coolest people I have encountered in DC.  Their concept is unique to dc, featuring fancy bikes, bike parts, and cool men’s fashion.  They will also store your bike for you, which is kind of huge in DC to have a storage option for anything, let alone your treasured motorcycle.  So while the clothing in this store is outwardly for men, I would suggest ladies can absolutely be a part of what is going on here.   I would wear many of the items Dunn Lewis MC sells and in this shoot created a way to incorporate a couple of them with the scarf on my wrist as a bracelet cuff and I wore a lapel pin.

Male and female friends and readers you need to follow the Dunn Lewis insta feed and go check out the shop.  They even host social events at the store and you don’t have to be a bike owner to attend.  You may find one there to purchase or you can totally be a poser, it’s welcome.

Thank you to Dunn Lewis MC for being gracious and letting me shoot in your space and wear a few of your cool products!