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Artist Alert – Guinan Contemporary Fine Art Gallery – 02.01.2017

Jacket by Zadig & Voltaire; Purse by Zadig & Voltaire *on sale now (loaned); Shoes by Steve Madden; rings by Maison Margiella; Top by H&M *on sale now

Politiquette Tip:

Check out DC-based artist John Brendan Guinan’s contemporary fine art, featured in my photos.  He most recently showed at Art Basel in Miami in December of 2016.  See more details here.  You can also read more here.

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Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer.


Rebecca Taylor – Naylor Court – 11.18.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-23-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-22-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-20-of-55-1Dress by Rebecca Taylor (current) / Purse by Zadig & Voltair (loaned) / Shoes by Kate Spade

Shop this dress and some of my other favorite styles by Rebecca Taylor:

  Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer.


Who What Wear – Naylor Court – 10.29.2016

politiquette-10-15-16-45-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-48-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-49-of-55-1 politiquette-10-15-16-55-of-55-1It’s been a busy, crazy week and I am ready to bundle up and chill.  I love the warmth and chicness of a fluffy vest.  It’s so versatile, you can wear it with just about anything.  Over a dress or an easy sweater.  A vest like the one I am  wearing is definitely a wardrobe must-have for fall and winter.  The only thing to be careful of is that it doesn’t make you look like an oversized muppet!

rowlf_yamahaimage via

Faux Fur Vests:


Who What Wear Favorites:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer in Naylor Court, NW.

*Thank you to Zadig & Voltaire for loaning me the vest and purse.


Zadig & Voltaire – Columbia Room, Spirits Library – 08.17.2016

politiquette7.10.16 (47 of 101)-1 politiquette7.10.16 (49 of 101)-1 politiquette7.10.16 (51 of 101)-1 politiquette7.10.16 (53 of 101)-1 politiquette7.10.16 (55 of 101)-1columbiaroom (1 of 5) columbiaroom (2 of 5)Jacket by Zadig and Voltaire  Shoes by Vince Camuto  Jeans by J Brand  Top by Raquel Allegra

As I’ve said before, I am a huge fan of sequins.  So, when I saw this jacket at Zadig & Voltaire earlier this summer it was game over.  I had to have it. CAUTION: Sequins can quickly look cheesy and/or matronly when styled inappropriately, which is most certainly NOT a good look. That said, there is almost always a way to incorporate sequins into an outfit for a modern and edgy look, especially when donned in a setting as fabulous as the sparkling detail on my Zadig & Voltaire jacket.  A setting such as the Spirits Library at Columbia Room. Wearing this jacket with all white for summer and a sheer navy tie-dye shirt underneath gives the sequins the exact breath of fresh air that they need in order to make the look work.

The Spirits Library at Columbia Room is a first-come, first-serve intimate bar setting where you can enjoy creative specialty cocktails or just about any other drink you can imagine.  The Library seats about twenty people, has comfortable leather chairs and a bookcase filled with liquor, many of them vintage with a bottle dating back to the early 1800s.

The service is equally as spectacular as the setting.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted and seated by Library Manager, Dante Datta.  Dante exudes a calm and collected presence no matter how busy the bar is and goes out of his way to make guests feel welcome. Additionally, you will be served by one of three talented and knowledgeable bartenders, who will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

If you have not yet checked out this space, I highly recommend making it a top priority.  Columbia Room is open TuesdaySaturday. I guarantee it will be the most decadent library you’ve ever visited. Cheers!

Look for one last post from the Columbia Room “Tasting Room” coming soon.

Here are some other sequin picks I like to wear now and into the fall:

Photo Information: Photos taken by Anna Meyer at Columbia Room in their Spirits Library.

Thank you to Columbia Room for your hospitality for this shoot.