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Summer into Winter – Atlantic Plumbing – 02.09.2017

Turtleneck by Splendid; Dress by Tibi; Purse by Coach; Jacket by Zadig & Voltaire; Boots by Tabitha Simmons

Politiquette Tip:

One way I stretch my wardrobe out is by layering summer pieces so that they work in the winter.  Wearing a black turtleneck under my dress allows for an entirely different look.  You can see the difference from the summer look here.

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Photo Information: Photos by Anna Meyer taken at Atlantic Plumbing.


Early Bird – The Bird – 01.06.2017

Skirt by Self Portrait; Shoes by Tory Burch (old); Top by Zara; Purse by Alexander McQueen; Jacket by Zadig & Voltaire

Politiquette Tip:

Happy Hour is a great time to try out a new restaurant.  You can check out the vibe, often get specials and you don’t have to fully commit to a meal.

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Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at The Bird in Shaw.


Politiquette Style Preview – Zadig & Voltaire – 04.14.2016

Zadig&VoltaireEvent (1 of 26)-48Zadig&VoltaireEvent (4 of 26)-13 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (3 of 26)-51 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (5 of 26)-11 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (7 of 26)-10 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (8 of 26)-12Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (30 of 30)-1 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (9 of 26)-14 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (11 of 26)-16 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (12 of 26)-15 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (15 of 26)-27 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (16 of 26)-28 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (17 of 26)-29 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (18 of 26)-32 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (19 of 26)-33 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (20 of 26)-38 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (21 of 26)-39 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (22 of 26)-40 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (23 of 26)-42 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (24 of 26)-45 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (25 of 26)-46 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (2 of 30)-9 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (3 of 30)-19 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (6 of 30)-22 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (9 of 30)-26 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (10 of 30)-30 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (11 of 30)-31 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (14 of 30)-36 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (15 of 30)-37 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (18 of 30)-44 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (19 of 30)-47 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (20 of 30)-49 Zadig&VoltaireEvent2 (23 of 30)-54 Zadig&VoltaireEvent (26 of 26)-56

On Monday night I hosted a spring style preview at Zadig & Voltaire located in CityCenterDC.  The event was a great success and everyone who attended had a fantastic time.

It was pretty magical to have a brand that I have been a loyal fan of for some time now, ever since I saw Kate Bosworth crushing it in Zadig & Voltaire biker boots, ask me to collaborate with them and share their Spring Summer Collection for 2016 with the women and men of DC.  I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic shoppers who turned out on a Monday night and I am still glowing from the excitement people felt about discovering a new-to-them brand.

Some other things I loved about this event include that the age of guests spanned from millennial to baby boomer (my parents showed up!), that there are SO many amazing items in this collection only a few people walked out with the same thing and that the event provided an opportunity for many to meet new people!

If for some reason you missed the event definitely stop by the Zadig & Voltaire store.  The sales team there is lovely and they are also running their 25% off Friends and Family discount right now.

Thank you again to Zadig & Voltaire and the many people who showed up and supported this event!


Zadig & Voltaire – CityCenterDC – 04.08.2016

politiquette4.5.2016 (4 of 46)-3 politiquette4.5.2016 (8 of 46)-8 politiquette4.5.2016 (9 of 46)-9 politiquette4.5.2016 (10 of 46)-10 politiquette4.5.2016 (12 of 46)-12 politiquette4.5.2016 (13 of 46)-13 politiquette4.5.2016 (15 of 46)-15 politiquette4.5.2016 (17 of 46)-17 politiquette4.5.2016 (18 of 46)-18 politiquette4.5.2016 (22 of 46)-22 politiquette4.5.2016 (23 of 46)-23 politiquette4.5.2016 (24 of 46)-24 politiquette4.5.2016 (28 of 46)-28 politiquette4.5.2016 (29 of 46)-29 politiquette4.5.2016 (30 of 46)-30 politiquette4.5.2016 (31 of 46)-31 politiquette4.5.2016 (33 of 46)-33politiquette4.5.2016 (34 of 46)-34politiquette4.5.2016 (1 of 46)-1politiquette4.5.2016 (2 of 46)-2

I recently spent some time at one of my favorite stores in DC, Zadig & Voltaire.  I had a blast trying on pieces from their spring collection.  I feel like this store is a diamond in the rough.  Many people pass this store everyday but don’t realize the amazing gems that they are missing out on by not going inside.  Zadig & Voltaire is a French brand that makes detailed, edgy staple pieces.  As you can see from the looks I am wearing, everything is easy to wear, can be styled many ways and is exceptionally approachable.

Exciting news, I have picked some of my favorite looks out that Zadig & Voltaire will be featuring on display at  their CityCenterDC boutique all day on Monday, April 11.  Please feel free to stop by the store and let them know that I sent you.  I know they would love to meet you and show you their spring collection personally!

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer.

*All clothing and accessories featured in this post were loaned to Politiquette.


Zadig & Voltaire, Gucci, Hogan – Dock 5 – 11.13.2015

Politiquette x Jessica MitrovichPolitiquette x Jessica MitrovichPolitiquette x Jessica Mitrovich

Cardigan by Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is an extremely edgy brand out of France.  DC is lucky to have one of their few freestanding locations downtown at City Center.  I think a lot of people are intimidated by the cool factor displayed in the windows, but if you actually go into the store you will find that the clothing is quite approachable.  Zadig & Voltaire has many luxurious basics, including this cashmere cardigan that I am featuring today.  I happened to pop into Zadig & Voltaire yesterday and they mentioned to me that they are having a sale on all cashmere through the weekend; so now is a good time to go in and take a look at their clothing.

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