Isabel Marant, L’Agence – Site of a future Whole Foods? – 09.30.2015

Isabel Marant BeltL'Agence Dress


Belt by Isabel Marant.  Marant is a French designer and her brand was established in 1994.  Isabel Marant is absolutely one of my favorite designers today for her simple, bohemian designs that can be dressed up or down.

I love this quote from Isabel Marant about her success “My brand developed little by little without any sophistication nor excess. My choice was to build it up step by step in order to keep complete freedom and integrity in the way I worked .”  I think these are lovely words to keep in mind for anyone pursuing a new or growing passion.  Stay humble and true to yourself.

*Fun Fact: Isabel Marant is married to fashion designer Jerome Dreyfuss.

Same Belt and Similar Belts:

Dress by L’Agence.  “L’AGENCE launched in California in 2008 with a vision to make silhouettes that made a woman look and feel beautiful with an effortless and sophisticated point of view.”  Both designers I am featuring today share this beautiful, effortless mentality in common.  I purchased this dress locally in DC at Barneys in Georgetown and was assisted by the fabulous Keith.



A belt can contribute in very positive ways to an outfit and the appearance of a woman’s figure.

A well crafted, unique and stylish belt like the one I am featuring today can complete an outfit and give it its own signature and outside of the box look.  It also can imply that you have good taste and style without having to put too much effort into it.

I wear this belt with the dress I featured today.  I also will wear it with skirts; oversized shirts and sweaters; dresses; tunics; wraps; or over a jacket or blazer.  This belt can go with many different styles of clothing too.  They definitely do not need to be edgy clothes, in fact a floral, feminine print might be the perfect match for this belt.

I always love to have a few good belts for cinching and showing off my waist.  A belt will create the effect of having a smaller waist and that is the beauty of the  illusion.


I think of the belt that Carrie Bradshaw wore throughout the Sex and The City Movie, as one of the most iconic and inspirational belts of all time.  Carrie’s belt is my best example of explaining the etiquette of a belt.  Patricia Fields, the costume designer for Sex and the City, juxtaposed Carrie’s belt that was made of black leather and punk rock studs with so many different styles of clothing.  This contrast and pairing showed how Carrie’s signature piece could carry and complete an outfit to be worn in any setting, at any event.

This juxtaposed approach is the approach that I apply when  wearing the belt featured today.  I think any belt you want to pick and make a signature accessory can do the same for your outfits.

Photo Information: This photo was taken by Jessica Mitrovich.  The photo was taken with a dumpster bin on the site of Northwest DC’s future Whole Foods Market.  Looks like after months of the project being stalled, you will soon be able to get a healthy (overpriced) snack after catching a show at the 9:30 Club.

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