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January 2016


J. Crew – Shaw – 01.13.2016

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Lace Pants by J.Crew (on sale now)

Lace pants I like:

Styled with necklace by Zara; shoes by Kate Spade; rings by Maison Margiela


Lace is always classic, but has become a prominent fabric used by designers the past few fashion seasons.  I hope you like lace, because you are going to see even more lace this spring.  If you don’t have lace items in your closet already I would advise that this is a good time to add them.  I personally love these pants because they are a basic due to their color, but also an unexpected surprise due to the fabric.


Lace pants can be worn in every setting.  The way I have styled them in these photos is for going out at night, a post-office look.  That said, if you removed the necklace and added a blazer this would be a perfect work outfit.  On the weekends you could add some sneakers and a baggy sweatshirt with these pants and get even more mileage out of them.  I think you can only do right with these lace pants.  They are amazing!  (and post holidays it’s really nice to have an elastic waist too…)

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Jessica Mitrovich at 7th and Florida, NW.


Michael by Michael Kors – The Hirshhorn Museum – 01.07.2016

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Leather pants by Michael by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an established global fashion empire.  With multiple lines, some more reasonably priced than others, most people have encountered Michael Kors in some capacity.  His carry-all tote bags and oversize wrist watches became “it pieces” to the point of saturating the market.  I even recall Anne Romney during the last presidential campaign being totally into her Michael Kors watch and talking about it during interviews.  This is a woman who can afford any watch she desires!  While those are probably the most recognizable items from the Michael by Michael Kors brand, there are many items in his lower priced collection, including these leather pants, that are worth checking out.

Leather pants styled with faux fur scarf by Banana Republic; sweater by Acne; shoes by Kate Spade; rings by Maison Margiela


For many years I thought about purchasing a pair of leather pants.  I finally found this pair on sale recently and decided I would give them a try.  I am very happy I purchased these pants because they are a great wardrobe staple.  Any wardrobe can benefit by adding a pair of leather or faux leather pants and here are some reasons why:

-When I received these pants, I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to wear them.  I knew that by having this one pair of pants in my closet I had multiple new outfit options.

-Also, it is freezing outside right now and I am uninspired to dress up.  I can put these pants on with anything, including an oversize cozy sweater like the look I am featuring today, and be warm, comfortable and stylish.

-Lastly they increase your cool-factor.  I was recently styling someone and the point was to come across fresh, hip and cool.  One of the easiest ways to do this, is by wearing leather pants.

Similar leather pants:


Gone are the days when leather pants were only for rebels and rock stars.  Mainstream women are all now wearing leather pants.  From corporate executives to ladies of the Junior League, leather pants are everywhere and I am a big advocate that leather pants can be worn most anywhere.  Washingtonians, listen up, you can even wear leather pants for work.  My best advice is that you make certain the pants aren’t too tight or form fitting.  For example, I have curves so I would wear a longer shirt that covers my backside and a blazer for the office.  There can definitely be limitations, but there are always ways make leather pants appropriate.

Photo Information: photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Hirshhorn Museum.


Proenza Schouler – The Hirshhorn Museum – 01.05.2016

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Dress by Proenza Schouler

Similar graffiti print dresses:


I was able to make the runway my reality when I recently found this incredible Proenza Schouler dress for a small fraction of its original cost.  I love this dress and feel very lucky to have found it through careful scouring of the Nordstrom designer clearance sale.   But having this dress made me want to replicate its runway look from Fall 2015 (see below).

The most exciting part of the runway look was the tights that Proenza Schouler used for styling.  When I went to find the matching tights they were very overpriced and I would have been a fool to pay for the tights that cost almost as much as I paid for the dress.  I still really wanted to replicate the look, so I thought about the last time I had seen similar tights trending and searched the internet for “punk tights.”  The search was a great success and I found these tights for under $5 on Amazon.

There are many ways to mimic runway style and most of the time it is easily available because this is how stores get their inspiration for production, but sometimes it takes a little more effort and creativity.  The challenge to find pieces and integrate them into daily life is one of the things that makes fashion fun.  That said, I know not everyone feels similarly and I do hope that Politiquette can help make that part of fashion easier for you and even challenge you to think of ways to recreate looks that inspire you.

Btw, can you even tell there is that much of a difference?!

021915-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2015-look-22-look-39_0Image from InStyle


Being back in like for real workmode an outfit similar to the one I have featured is perfect for the office.  You may need to sub a pair of opaque black tights for daytime depending on where you work, but if you have any creative liberty with your office dress code I say go with the tights.  I would also wear this outfit to a cocktail party.  The tights allow you to create some very cool and new looks with an existing wardrobe and you can wear them in multiple settings.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Hirshhorn Museum.  The Backdrop is an installation by Barbara Kruger.  You can read a great interview with her about the installation from the Wall Street Journal if you are interested in learning more.

Special Note:

Happy new year and welcome to 2016!  I always feel like anything is a possibility at the beginning of a new year which is why Barbara Kruger’s Hirshhorn installation “Belief + Doubt” is the perfect symbolic backdrop for my first post of the year.

I wish you a prosperous year ahead and I am looking forward to you joining me on my journey as Politiquette continues to evolve throughout 2016.  Thank you for your support!