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Roland Mouret – The Carlyle – 02.12.2016

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Dress by Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret is a French born designer of luxury apparel for women.  He is best known for his galaxy dress and, thanks to Victoria Beckham, his moon dress.  Both of these items can be viewed and purchased on his personal website.

The Roland Mouret flagship store is based in London where he has spent a great amount of time in recent years due to his business partner Simon Fuller, you know this man best from American Idol as he created the Idol franchise.  In 2014 Mouret partnered with Banana Republic and created an affordable collection.  You can still find pieces on eBay of the BR collab.

The designs of Roland Mouret are an investment, but wow, the colors he uses and the quality of fabric is amazing.  I got this dress on sale last year and you can often find Roland Mouret on sale, it just won’t happen at the top of the season.   If there weren’t sales, this dress would not be in my closet.

Roland Mouret items I like that are on sale or consignment:


I hate when sales people say to me “this is an investment piece and you will have it for the rest of your life.”  That statement is total BS.  Even if the piece is able to stand the test of time, my body won’t.  That is just what being a woman is all about.  Our bodies change and I may even weigh the same on the scale but things are always in different places.  My Burberry trench coat taught me this important lesson when it failed me after I exited my twenties.  While the trench meets my definition of “investment piece” today, it taught me that the sale associate definition was wrong.

That said, this dress is my definition of investment piece.  That means I can wear it multiple times for a couple of years if I am lucky and it makes me very happy to wear it every single time I put it on.  When buying an investment dress like this I advise that you  wear it as much as possible immediately after purchasing.  Don’t wait.

My other criteria for purchasing an investment piece of clothing includes:

  • Go into the purchase knowing that this piece won’t last forever and that you are buying it for now and as long as you can wear it.
  • Already have in mind and know you can wear the item for multiple occasions and style it multiple ways.
  • The item should both look and most importantly make you feel great on both “skinny” and “fat” days.
  • You better be excited to wear it a lot.  If not, not worth it.


I love a basic yet quality dress like this for the office with a shrug or blazer, for cocktail parties with fancy metallic shoes and jewels, and with a leather jacket and leather boots for other less conservative events.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at The Carlyle Hotel in Dupont Circle – home of The Riggsby.


Kate Spade – The Riggsby – 02.09.2016

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Shoes, top by Kate Spade

*Kate Spade is currently having a 2 day surpise sale with 75% off of select items.  You can check it out here.

Clutch by Clare V.; Skirt by Target; Lipstick by MAC

My outfit or similar items:


I’ve been thinking that it has been a while since I have talked about shoes, and shoes keep coming up in my meetings lately.  Topics include comfort, quality and cost.  While the shoes I am featuring today aren’t shoes I would recommend for long days on your feet, they are some of the most comfortable pumps I have encountered and great to wear for an evening out.

You may have noticed that most of my dressy shoes are made by Kate Spade.  This is no coincidence.  Kate Spade consistently produces classic shoes that include the three criteria I mentioned above.  I definitely haven’t met another pump that is as comfortable for dressy occasion.  These shoes are quality, made with some of the nicest leather and fabrics, they are also durable and hold up.  The best part is the price.  You can always find these shoes on sale and they are just as attractive as Manolos, Louboutins or Jimmy Choo pumps, but for about a third of the price.  In fact people often mistake my shoes for one of these other designers.  I spend a lot of time looking at and trying on shoes and these pumps are certainly in the same league as the luxury designers I mentioned.

A couple notes about fitting pumps.  I usually size up half of a size.  In a pointy toe pump you do not want your heel to be touching the back of the shoe.  The reason is as you walk, your weight shifts forward and your toes press up in the tiny point and you need a little wiggle room.  However you don’t want too much wiggle room or you will walk right out of your pumps and could really hurt yourself.  Remember that scene from “The Wedding Planner” with J-Lo? In real life we all won’t be lucky enough to have Matthew McConaughey rescue us in a high-heel hell incident…  I also like shoe cushions to help with the fit and comfort.  I suggest buying this multi-pack of these inserts and seeing what works best for you.  Remember to take into account these cushions when fitting your shoes, it could change your sizing.


Sunday is Valentine’s Day and I love wearing pink or red for this special day.  This is my Valentine’s outfit for 2016!  I’m wearing this outfit for brunch to celebrate the holiday with some of my favorite lovers, a.k.a. my best girls.

An outfit like this can be worn to work or to a cocktail party.  To make it more edgy, you could style it with a casual grey t-shirt, booties and a leather biker jacket and wear it out for cocktails.

Photo Information:

Photos taken by Anna Meyer.

The Riggsby restaurant and bar opened in July of 2015 and is housed in the Kimpton Carlyle Hotel located in Dupont Circle.  The Riggsby was designed by Brian Miller of Edit Lab at Streetsense, and is inspired by the supper club atmosphere and whimsical decor of American restaurants in the mid-20th century. An open pass to the kitchen gives diners a peek behind the scenes and the lounge area features custom wallpaper based on a painting by Michael Schlow’s wife, mixed-media artist, Adrienne Schlow.

The decor and experience of being a guest at the Riggsby is quite whimsical and fun.  This is a great venue for drinks with a date or a dinner party.  It’s certainly a venue you can dress for and wear something similar to what I am wearing in these photos.  It’s also somewhere you can show up in jeans and a cozy sweater and feel right at home.

Thank you to the Riggsby for your hospitality and allowing me to use your beautiful restaurant as a backdrop for this post.


Target – ‘Chelove’ Mural Adams Morgan – 02.03.2016

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Top by Target

There isn’t a lot to say about Target, because their marketing people brand this store so very well.  Yet somehow I am constantly surprised by the items I can find at this store, especially online, that are fashionable, reasonable and don’t look like I picked them up at Target.  I don’t say that in a negative way, I’m a proud Target shopper, I just mean they look like I could have purchased them at a high-end store.  I was particularly drawn to this top for that exact reason.  As readers know I am a huge fan of French designer Isabel Marant.  I love her bohemian yet classic clothing.  This top reminded me of something that would be found in one of her collections.  So for a tiny fraction of the price I picked this very fun shirt up.  It’s on sale right now and a great steal for anyone who wants a fun, basic.

Styled with sweater by Zara; clutch by Clare V.; boot by Tory Burch

Target items I love right now:


The intent of the way I styled this photo is to show how you can mix and match prints, colors, patterns and textures very easily and look great.  You should have some basics in the mix, the foundation of my outfit is very basic, and then you can add a variety of juxtaposing elements.  This is a really great way to save money and also look stylish. I know a lot of women in DC don’t want to spend great amounts of money of off-duty clothing.

One thing that is always important to remember is that it is not about how much you spend on items, it is about how you wear them.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing and matching.  There is no right way to wear something, it’s really about confidence.


This is a very casual look and definitely for weekend errands, a casual coffee or drinks meet-up or a low-key dinner with friends.

Photo Information:  Photos take by Anna Meyer.

The mural featured in this post was painted by local, female, artist Cita Sadeli ‘Chelove.’  (always love to see the females crushing it.)  The title is “Everyday I See Something New” and it is located in Adams Morgan.  This is one of my favorite murals in DC and probably one of the first I remember being painted (c.2011), it’s so happy and illustrates many of DC’s treasures.  If you also love this mural you can purchase a print here.


A.L.C. – Howard Theatre – 02.01.2016

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dress by A.L.C.

“Andrea Lieberman debuted her ready-to-wear collection, A.L.C. in 2009. The eponymous collection delivers a refined canon of essentials through sophisticated, yet considered pieces that celebrate the notion of casual luxury, sartorial convenience, value and versatility. Confident and distinctive, A.L.C. is a direct reflection of what women want to wear and clear understanding of today’s trends for the attention grabbing – never seeking – A.L.C. Girl.” read more and shop on the A.L.C. website.

Styled with tote bag by Emilio Pucci (old, similar here); rings by Maison Margiela; clutch by FASHIONABLE (learn more details  about this piece here)

You can find the same dress and other black dresses with details here:


I am sure I have said this before and I will likely say this again, but I love unique details on classic pieces.  Like many women in DC, I have your number ladies, my wardrobe incorporates quite a bit of black.  One of the thing that keeps my looks interesting are the details on these clothing items.

When I saw this A.L.C. dress at Barney’s in Georgetown, I knew I would get a lot of mileage out of it and that the details gave this dress a lot of wow factor.  A few conservative cut outs in the back is all it takes to change up the dynamic of a look and impress.  These little slits also make this dress sexy and I’m barely showing any skin.  Imagine that and take note!


Details are amazing and make pieces standout, but they also dictate where you can wear a dress.  The cutouts prevent me from wearing a dress like this to the office unless I put a jacket over the dress.  I wore this dress of a reception with professional women though, but it was after hours.  Be mindful of the setting when wearing detailed dresses like the one I featured today, especially when there are cutouts.

Photo Information:  Photos taken by Anna Meyer at the Howard Theatre.