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The Politics of Fashion – Day 1, DNC in Philadelphia – 07.25.2016

Just one more for tonight, because isn’t @michelleobama just the best?!?! 💙💕💙 #demsinphilly #DemConvention 📸@erinschaff

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First Lady Michelle Obama wore a very understated, yet elegant, blue dress for the speech she delivered on night one of the Democratic National Convention.  Most often when Michelle Obama wears an item of beautiful clothing, people on social media are trying to track down where they can also buy the item.  Instead mentions of the dress in the twitterverse suggested she picked the solid blue to show her party pride and to allow her speech to be the focus of the night.    I completely agree with this analysis and believe she was right to make sure her dress was not the focus of the night.

However, the next day there was suggestion that her dress pick had even more meaning.  It was revealed that the dress was designed by former reality star, Christian Siriano, who is definitely the antithesis of Mr. Trump.  According to a New York Times piece written on this topic, Siriano makes all of his clothing in America and his designs are made to make women of all sizes look and feel beautiful.  A suggestion that Michelle Obama very subtly was making a much louder statement by wearing the “simple” dress.


Utilitarian Fashion – Day 1, DNC in Philadelphia – 07.25.2016

IMG_2127The first day of the Democratic National Convention got off to an interesting start.  Many of the delegates who supported Bernie Sanders were upset by news that the DNC may have worked behind the scenes to hinder his chances of being the nominee for President.  These delegates selected the very utilitarian material of duct tape as their primary fashion accessory to show that they had been “silenced” by the DNC.